What products are equipped with Intel H35 processor at this stage?

At CES 2021, Intel launched a new H35 processor suitable for notebook products. The difference between ultra-low voltage every other night is that this H35 series product is a standard voltage product, but the power consumption is not the same as the previous 45W product. The same, and there are differences in core specifications, so what products are equipped with this new H35 processor or will be launched soon?

What is the H35 processor?

The H35 series processor that Intel brought this time belongs to the 11th generation standard processor Tiger Lake-H, but different from the previous 45W standard processor, the H35 series TDP is only 35W, and the maximum number of cores is only four. nuclear.

Tiger Lake-H35 offers three models of i5-11300H, i7-11370H and i7-11375H SE, all of which are designed with 4 cores and 8 threads. In addition to the 8M cache of the i5, the remaining only difference in main frequency is the core The Xe is also 96EU. Combined with LDPPR4 4266, Raiden 4, 20 PCIe4.0 and other features, it can be said that this is the high frequency version of Tiger Lake-UP3 released last year.

However, from the perspective of market layout, Intel’s actions may seem like a helpless move. On the one hand, the more high-end multi-core standard 45W processor has not yet had the ability to mass-produce, and on the other hand, it has only a low voltage with 15W power consumption It is difficult for U to carry the banner of performance, so it can only give a further 35W power consumption product on this basis, and it also has only 4-core 8-thread specifications.

So what kind of equipment will the H35 series be used for? According to a series of reactions from the market, the H35 series will mostly be used in thin and light notebooks and gaming notebooks and in more niche design directions. So what products are already on the market or ready to go on the market at this stage?

1. Redmibook Pro:

Soon after the announcement of the Intel H35 series processor, Xiaomi notebook officially announced on the social platform that the Redmibook Pro version will be launched soon, ushering in a new update, and will use Intel’s new H35 series processor.

Judging from its official series of warm-ups, the Redmi book Pro, which will be launched in the near future, will also undergo major changes in addition to the new Intel H35 series processors.

Such as the official announcement that a camera will be added to the new generation of Redmibook Pro, allowing the camera to return to the notebook, increasing the usability of Redmi book Pro in more scenarios. And will carry on a brand-new outline to the mould, abandon the previous ancestral mould, and have further upgrades in the craft or material of the fuselage.

And its official warm-up also revealed that it will have a full-size backlit keyboard, which may be an effective way to enhance user experience for many users.

2. Lenovo Yoga 14S:

After Intel launched the H35 series of processors, Lenovo’s Yoga14S series is also announcing the launch of notebook products based on standard pressure.

According to the current situation, Yoga14S already has products that use the 11th generation Core and AMD Rezn 5000 series, both of which use a centralized display output and no discrete graphics card version.

Not long ago, Lenovo Yoga officially released the pre-heated version of Yoga 14S on social platforms. According to the news at this stage, the Yoga 14S standalone version should be a product with Intel H35 processor.

From the official exposure news, we can know that the Yoga 14S standalone version will use the MX450 standalone display, and the TDP can reach a high-performance release of 28.5W, which should be a good level on many MX450 notebooks at this stage.

In addition, the Yoga 14S standalone version will be equipped with a 16:10 screen with a resolution of 2880*1800, and support a high refresh rate of 90Hz and a color gamut coverage of 100% sRGB. It is also at this stage in terms of screen parameters. More high-end level.

The Yoga 14S standalone version is still in the upcoming release stage and has not yet been officially released.

3. Raytheon One S1:

The Raytheon S1 is a product that is equipped with the H35 processor and is on the market.

It is equipped with the 11th generation Core H35 processor i5-11300H, configured with 4 cores and 8 threads, and the turbo frequency can reach 4.4GHz. Officials said that the single-core performance of the i5-11300H is 25% higher than that of the i5-10300H, and the performance of the nuclear display Xe exceeds that of the MX 350 standalone display.

In other respects, the Thor S1 is equipped with 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage, which can satisfy most users. Equipped with a 14-inch 1080p resolution screen that covers 100% s RGB color gamut, and supports WiFi6 protocol.

4. Mechanical Revolution F1 2021 standard press version:

The mechanical revolution F1 2021 standard press version is also a product that uses the Intel H35 processor. Its configuration is equipped with i5-11300H and has a core specification of four cores and eight threads.

The screen of this notebook uses a 16:10 screen with a resolution of 2880*1800, and supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz and a color gamut of 97% sRGB, and supports DC dimming. It can be seen that this product is The screen is also at a relatively good level.

In other respects, it has four Thunderbolt interfaces, has good scalability, and supports WiFi 6 protocol, which can meet the network link requirements in more scenarios.

5. Asus TUF Dash F15:

According to foreign media reports, ASUS will launch a thin and light notebook based on the H35 processor. The model is tentatively scheduled to be ASUS TUF Dash F15.

It is reported that this notebook will have three different screen configurations, namely: FHD 144 Hz, FHD 240 Hz and QHD 165 Hz, with a size of 15.6-inch.

On the graphics card, it will be equipped with Nvidia’s latest RTX30 series graphics card, and most likely the RTX 3060 mobile version.

In terms of weight, it is roughly 2KG. The battery is 73 watt-hours.

6. ASUS Sky Selection Air:

ASUS Tianxuan Air uses the high-end model of the H35 processor-i7-11370H, and is equipped with a combination of 16GB and 512GB of memory and storage.

In addition to performance, it is also equipped with RTX 3070 mobile graphics card, which is very powerful in performance. As for the screen, this notebook is also a good one.

It is equipped with a 2K resolution 165Hz high refresh rate and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, which is a very good level, and can have a good visual experience in many aspects such as playing games or design.

In addition, as long as the Ken notebook also supports 100W PD charging, it has better compatibility, and there are four Thunderbolt interfaces, which can further increase the scalability.

to sum up:

At this stage, the Intel H35 processor has brought a new choice in the market segment. The above is a summary of the news of some H35 processor products. I hope it will be helpful to your purchase.