What will be the surprise of 5g enabling 8K smart screen TCL new product launch?

Are you tired of being occupied by small screens such as mobile phones and computers every day? Have you ever dreamed that a big screen could solve all the problems?

With the continuous progress of smart technology, the arrival of 5g and 8K is making us break through the oppression of being dominated by small screens. On August 17, at the conference of 5g smart city in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui announced that Shenzhen has become the first city with 5g independent network coverage in China! Shenzhen grabs the “wind outlet” of new infrastructure construction, presses the “fast forward” button in the construction of 5g infrastructure to accelerate the promotion of typical application of 5g scene, and accelerate the landing of 5g application in various fields, so as to realize the connection between people and objects, and between objects.

As an explorer of future life, TCL is also seizing the opportunity of 5g and 8K, and will hold the new product conference of TCL 5g 8K smart screen at 14:30 on August 18, 2020. When 5g enables 8K smart screen, what kind of peak experience will happen? It’s worth looking forward to.

The combination of 5g and 8K smart screen is not only an industry trend, but also a consumption trend. 5g’s high-speed connection capability is needless to say, but what kind of capability does the screen carrying 5g life picture need to have? The answer will come at 14:30 on August 18.

In addition to the product itself, I heard that there will be a lot of surprises waiting for you at the press conference. It is reported that on the spot, TCL will set up an interactive experience area, and experts from various fields will come to help. What is most worth looking forward to is that TCL 5g 8K smart screen will be used to connect sports stars and celebrities through 5g video at the conference site, so as to directly experience the innovation power of 5g technology. I don’t know which star will appear in TCL 5g 8K smart screen to meet the audience? It’s a little exciting to think about it.

In addition, TCL will join hands with the new generation of original author platform “new studio” to launch the “full screen love” to see 8K / 4K quality life “short film competition. If you are interested, you must pay more attention to this conference.

How will the collision between 5g and 8K smart screen bring us a new visual field of 8K? We are looking forward to the new product launch of TCL 5g 8K smart screen, which can perfectly explain the new use scene of 5g 8K smart screen. At 14:30 on August 18, go to the official microblog of TCL TV and other major live broadcasting rooms to watch online. Don’t miss it.