What will the new iPhone look like? Break the news to outline

On October 7, Apple officially announced the news once again, announcing that a special event will be held at 1 am on October 14. At the special event held by Apple on September 16, according to the time point of previous years, the iPhone that should have appeared did not appear. The A14 chip that should have been released by the iPhone was replaced by the iPad at the special event on September 16. Air carries the first launch.

In the news released by Apple this time, there is no mention of the specific products that will be released, but according to the news, the products that Apple will launch at the special event in October will be the new iPhone series.

And based on the collection of information from various quarters, we can outline what kind of shape the iPhone will be released at this conference.

Four models: 5.4 to 6.7 inches

The iPhone to be released this time will have four models, namely iPhone 12mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12Pro, iPhone 12Pro Max. Among them, the iPhone 12 mini will use a 5.4-inch screen, while the iPhone 12 will maintain the 6.1-inch size, while the iPhone 12Pro will also use a 6.1-inch screen, but the specific screen performance will be different from that of the iPhone 12. 12Pro Max will use a 6.7-inch screen.

In terms of appearance, return to classic design

In terms of appearance, all iPhone models released this time will all return to the straight-edge design similar to iPhone 4. In terms of color matching, red color matching will no longer be added, and the final iPhone 12mini color matching: black, white, blue, green; iPhone 12 color matching black, white, blue, green; iPhone 12Pro and iPhone 12ProMax color matching : Gold, silver, graphite, blue.

Screen: the distinction between high and low models is obvious

Regarding the specific parameters of the screen, according to the news, the four models released this time will all use OLED screens, and the iPhone 12mini and iPhone 12 models will be provided by BOE. In order to distinguish from the other two high-end models, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini will castrate 10 bit colors and use 8 bit colors. At the same time, the PPI will be different from the high-end models, but the PPI of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini will remain the same. .

The final four models will meet the Super Retina XDR standard proposed by Apple. At the same time, the two high-end models will adopt a new technology, Ceramic Shield Front Cover, on the screen panel, which uses ceramic substrate glass to enhance the screen's anti-drop and scratch resistance.

One of the major reasons for the delay in the release of the new iPhone series was that the high refresh rate screen driver IC and 5G baseband failed to meet the screen satisfaction status. According to the news at this stage, the new iPhone released this time may The entire system cancels the high refresh rate screen, or only the iPhone 12ProMax is left.

Camera: significant progress

With regard to the shooting system, the four iPhone models will have significant progress this time. All main cameras will be upgraded to F1.6 aperture, and there will be better Smart HDR, Deep Fusion and night scene modes. And in the camera configuration. Both the iPhone 12 and 12mini use an ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lens configuration; while the Pro and ProMax models will use a three-camera (wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto) + LiDAR configuration, and provide 4x and 5x optical zoom.

Performance: A14 blessing is very powerful

In terms of performance, the entire series of models to be released this time will use the A14 processor based on the 5nm process. The configured RAM is 4GB/4GB/6GB/6GB. In terms of storage, iPhone 12mini and iPhone 12 are 64G/128G/256G; iPhone 12Pro and ProMax use 128G/256G/512G. And according to the news, all models released this time will be equipped with 5G as standard, and millimeter wave 5G will be used on the iPhone 12ProMax, but because millimeter wave 5G is not enabled in other regions, only the iPhone 12ProMax sold in the US can be used. .

Other aspects: no headset and charger

In other respects, this generation of iPhone will support charging speeds up to 20W. However, the gift of the charger and headset will be cancelled. Users need to configure their own chargers and earphones. It can only be said that Cook is really a master of cost management. The release time of this generation of models will also be divided into multiple stages. First, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will be released on October 23; then the iPhone 12 mini will be released on November 13; and finally, the iPhone 12 ProMax will be released on November 20.

there are more? stay tuned

For the new generation of iPhone that Apple is about to release, we temporarily summarize the above revelations. As for whether the news will be accurate, please look forward to Apple's special event on October 14. In this special event, a new generation of smart speakers will be released. What it will look like is still unknown. For more news, please pay attention to our follow-up report.