What's the difference besides color? Roborock T7/T7 Pro

In March of this year, Roborock Technology released its annual new Roborock sweeping robot T7, and only two months later, Roborock launched an upgraded version of the T7-Roborock sweeping robot T7 Pro. The price of 2899 and 3899, what is the difference between the two sweeping robots, whether the difference of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) is worth starting, let's take a look.

The first is the most intuitive appearance. The main body of the stone T7 is white, supplemented by a small area of orange as an embellishment, which is stable and dynamic. The stone T7 Pro is black, with a ceramic-like luster on the surface of the body, highlighting the texture of the high-end flagship. The stone also named it the "exploration version."

In terms of hardware configuration, because the T7 Pro uses binocular obstacle avoidance technology, the front of the fuselage has two large eyes with 500W pixels, which is also the biggest difference in appearance from T7 in terms of color. The two sweeping robots, including the raised LDS laser sensor, the 297ml detachable electronically controlled water tank at the rear, and the 2500Pa suction power are basically the same.

As the obstacle avoidance system of mainstream sweeping robots, the laser sensor realizes obstacle avoidance and escape by scanning and composing the surrounding environment. Stone T7 also uses this obstacle avoidance system; for the complex environment where a large number of objects on the ground at home are not fixed, Stone T7 Pro adds dual cameras in addition to the laser sensor to realize binocular obstacle avoidance, so that the sweeping robot not only has "feel" but also "vision". Not only can get the length and width, but also can judge the distance of the object through dual cameras, and really feel the three-dimensional picture. Obstacle avoidance is achieved by identifying and ranging objects in the home. Greatly improve the effect of obstacle avoidance, and at the same time, with infrared fill light, it can ensure the accuracy of obstacle avoidance even in dark environments. With the camera on the fuselage, it can also remotely view the home status, mobile patrol the home status, and pass the German Rheinland certification to ensure privacy.

In general, the home layout is not complicated, there are no pets or children, and users who have relatively fixed obstacles can get a good experience by starting with Stone T7. For users who like cutting-edge technology and there are always unfixed obstacles in their homes, it is more appropriate to start with the Stone T7 Pro, which has a more powerful obstacle avoidance function.