When technology meets the national wind, OPPOx Tiandao campus event unlocks triple gifts

The national wind ignited the prairie, OPPO x Tiandao project started! On October 5th, the Tianya Mingyuedao "National Wind Liaoyuan" campus project x OPPO campus creation event will be launched. OPPO mobile phone linkage activities and OPPO Reno4 pro limited edition customized gift boxes will be launched one after another. Creative gifts and carnival benefits are waiting for you! In addition, the creation of the special exploration award works of the competition will also be sent into space with the OPPO campus "Believe in the Power of Young Satellites" for the same reward as the moon. Science and technology, exquisite and romantic, you deserve it!

Creative activities start luxurious gifts

Ten cities and bright moon, create the horizon together. From now until October 26th, the Tianya Mingyuedao "National Wind Liaoyuan" Campus Project x OPPO Campus Creation Competition will be officially launched. During this period, creators can choose one or more tracks from the four tracks of photography group, painting group, music group, and video group to deliver their works and express their own national style creativity. Of course, the "ten cities" in the competition refer to general, not limited to specific geographic locations, and creators do not need to be restricted by this. If the creator has no creative direction yet, he can also follow the live broadcast of Tianya Mingyuedao "Ten Cities and Mingyue" Huya on October 14 for inspiration and release the inherent cultural potential.

On October 29th, Tiandao will announce the winners of the contestants. Each track has a winning prize and several participation prizes. In addition to the 5000 Q coin incentives, the winning prizes will be based on different tracks. The winning works will be placed in mobile games and Tencent videos for promotion and display, and will be synchronized on OPPO mobile phones and QQ music as wallpapers and music playlists. , Pop-up animation, let the whole world see your work. In addition, the creation competition also sets a special exploration award. The creator’s work will be carried by the OPPO campus "Believe in the Power of Youth" satellite and sent into space with the satellite launch. The winners will also receive a limited edition of the "Tianya Mingyue Knife" from OPPO. Custom gift box".

Linkage activities open to unlock many surprises

On October 16th, the new OPPO x Tianya Mingyue Knife new linkage event will also be opened. Young heroes can unlock a lot of content by opening the OPPO mobile phone. In the theme store, young heroes can get the exquisite dynamic themes, high-definition wallpapers and exclusive ringtones of "The End of the World" for free. Wake up Breeno's voice with a sentence of "Hello Xiaobu", and say "Tianya Mingyuedao" to Xiaobu (Breeno's voice Chinese name), and you can put the unique "Tianyao Voice Pack" into your bag. Swipe left to lock the screen, get the lock screen pictures of Ten Cities and Bright Moon blockbusters and more game scenes instantly. Open Soloop and record, use the custom template of "The End of the World and Moon Knife" game, and you can also edit your exclusive Jianghu video to record the heartbeat moments of Jianghu.

Limited customized gift box set Taobao live broadcast

In addition to the linkage between creation and mobile phones, OPPO and Tianya Mingyue Knife will also launch a limited edition customized gift box containing OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G mobile phone and a two-piece exquisite set of Yihua Linglu bone china cup. OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G mobile phone, the quality is the same as always, charging for 5 minutes, and 4 hours of battery life. It is a proper artifact to play with the sky knife. In addition, if you buy a mobile phone, you will receive a Yihualinglu bone china cup, which will give you a pleasant surprise immediately. On October 14th, Tmall’s OPPO official flagship store will be available for sale in limited quantities. With a daily payment of as low as 4.2 yuan (USD $1) , you can take away the Tiandao limited custom gift box. At the Ten Cities Bright Moon scene, OPPO will also join hands with Tmall Friends to bring a special live broadcast on Taobao Live. Those who want this customized gift box can come and watch it!

OPPO x Tiandao three-wheel linkage is about to start, exquisite gifts are waiting for you! If you also love the national style, if you also have creative inspiration, if you are also interested in OPPO x Tiandao, then come and participate!