When the dawn is breaking, the day of blooming vivo S7 Monet debut

In the early morning of November 13, 1872, in the Havre harbour, the sun had just risen from the sea level, and the orange-red morning light gently fell on the water. Through the hazy, contourless haze of the harbour, sparkling waves loomed. As the sun rose eastward, the harbor gradually became busy, and several small boats slowly passed by. At this moment, a figure from the back is painting the beautiful scenery. Around 7:35, the back figure stopped writing, and the painting in front of him was completed. This painting is the famous “Sunrise Impression” in the future, and this back figure also belongs to the famous French impressionist painter Claude Monet.

Although “Sunrise Impression” “offended” the prevailing classicism at the time and was ridiculed and ridiculed because of it, Monet still persisted in his own self, pursued the true beauty in his heart, and successfully created Impressionism. Since then, Monet has influenced generations of artists and has been carried into countless product designs.

Recently, a designer has used the shooting of the vivo S7’s Monet mobile phone as a creative opportunity, and the theme of the dawn of “Sunrise Impression”, has created a series of creative art exhibitions, which are quite perfect for the two. Together, they create a different vision.

In this group of creative shots, the photographer used the theme of “breaking dawn” and used “color sand”, “color powder” and light as images, and used creative techniques such as “dream abstraction” and “powder dispersal” to capture dawn. An artistic interpretation of the sunrise impression at that time reproduces the three key elements of “Sunrise Impression”: color, light and shadow, and a sense of haziness. The Monet’s diffuse color matching of vivo S7 is more lifelike in this dreamlike scene, which not only touches the vision, but also makes people experience the unique texture of materials similar to oil paintings, and the impressionist atmosphere is splendid.

Whether it is a professional painter or a passerby, “Sunrise Impression” is a painting that people can’t help but take a few more glances; whether it is a fan of pure color back cover or a fan of color back cover, vivo S7 Monet Man Cai is a mobile phone that people can’t help but look at. In order to achieve this lingering effect, the designer has carried out thousands of optimization adjustments on colors, gradients, textures, materials and processes, and finally used the color mixing process to make the light interference and diffraction before the double crystal film layer diffuse reflection. , With almost perfect color connection in Monet’s pen, transitioning the warm and cold tones of the back cover of the mobile phone, vividly reflecting the distant reflection between the ocean and the sun.

Vivo S7 Monet not only “re-engraved” the colors of “Sunrise Impression”, it also reproduced the hazy view of Avre Harbour in the early morning of 1872 through the soft touch AG matte and anti-fingerprint AF vacuum coating process .

Whether it is a fashionable consumer product or a consumer electronic product, the joint art paintings are basically achieved by directly printing the whole or part of the painting on the product. The vivo S7 Monet’s comics did not follow the rules, and did not move the concrete patterns and outlines of “Sunrise Impression” to the back cover of the phone. Only through the use of light, shadow and materials, the “Impressionist” method was used to reproduce “Sunrise”. “Impression”, a very thorough understanding of Monet’s artistic attainments and spiritual dimensions, is a mobile phone with rich connotation and artistic sense.

Another unique feature of the vivo S7 Monet Mancolor is the slim body that takes into account the large-capacity battery, liquid tube heat dissipation and 5G communication capabilities. Just like the classicism of “Sunrise Impression”, the body thickness of 7.495 mm and the weight of 170 grams are also unique among today’s 5G mobile phones, making it possible to “thin and light 5G” without sacrificing experience. Suitable for you who miss the sense of holding with one hand. If you are interested, you may wish to pay attention to the current hot sales.