Where does the confidence of 2000 come from? Only children know

Since Apple watch and a number of products have opened this category, smart watches have been accompanied by progress and controversy.

Apple’s high-profile admission makes people hold high expectations. At the same time, apple is also iterating with the same rhythm as its own product iPhone, which can be said to be without effort. But the results are not as happy as their predecessors. The apple watch and the smart watches that follow it are still just a small number of technology products.

The dilemma of smart Watch

Smart watch has many goals to achieve. Just like its name, smart watch should take into account its dual attributes as a watch and a wearable device.

On the one hand, like the traditional mechanical watch or electronic watch, it has to provide more than just the timing of the adornment properties: or reflect the wearer’s attitude towards fashion, or reflect the technological style. Apple’s approach is to provide a large number of exquisite and replaceable dials at the software level. At the same time, the watch body is made of traditional watch materials such as stainless steel and ceramics, and the replaceable watch strap is constantly updated.

On the other hand, the intelligent property should not be too bad. At present, the mainstream cognition hopes that the smart watch can be the extension of mobile phone in presenting notification and quick operation, and it can also be the core device for recording personal portable state such as movement, sleep and health. Although it is not very large, it is necessary to monitor a variety of data from the human body and mobile phone at the same time.

After meeting the needs of the above two directions, the smart watch also needs to consider the endurance. As a device that is carried close to one’s body from getting up to going to sleep, it should provide at least ten hours of effective endurance. If you just arrived in the afternoon without electricity, you should not only wear it as a pure ornament for several hours, but also have incomplete records of personal information. It can be said that putting the cart before the horse.

So we see such a smart watch. It does a good job in appearance. After all, there are traditional watches that can be fully used for reference, and the experience accumulated by smart phones can also be used flexibly. But the balance between function and endurance is not so good. Under the limitation of volume, either long endurance light function or short endurance heavy function is realized.

With the same service life of at least one day, the performance improvement bonus brought by hardware evolution is not much, so even if new products appear every year, smart watches should carefully find a balance between balanced development and outstanding innovation. After being used to the rapid evolution of smart phones, the situation of smart watches is somewhat embarrassing, and it is difficult to look at it with an optimistic eye.

A genius with a less mainstream painting style

Even if a company of the size of apple is promoting it, can a smart watch be a dead end?

If you let your eyes jump out of the mainstream definition of smart watch and zoom into the wrist smart terminal in a broad sense, you can find some quite interesting product routes. For example, the children’s watch led by little genius is much more relaxed and free in terms of product definition and market performance, and there is no deep hatred for its endurance.

Qualcomm just released the wear 4100, a new generation wearable device platform, at the beginning of this month, which has made significant progress in performance and endurance. Among the high-profile manufacturers who announced that they would launch this platform, in addition to always working in the field of Android smart watches, there are also some small talents. The smart Watch report is not common, but there are some brands with high recognition among children.

In the first batch of Z6 top versions of the little genius Z6 that used wear 4100, there were many functions that even ray technology, which has been experiencing new intelligent devices all year round, would not think it would be used on smart watches.

The whole wristband has a little strong style, which seems nothing strange. However, the watch body can be unlocked from the watch strap, and half of the screen can be propped up like a flip phone. When you raise your arm, you can see the picture, which is quite like the watch props worn by Konan Edogawa in Detective Conan. Maybe this is the fashion of children.