Which car is the safest? Results of 27 popular car evaluations released by China Insurance Research Institute

When there was only C-NCAP in China, domestic consumers have not generally paid attention to the crash test results of cars, because almost all the models on sale can get a 5-star safety rating.

However, since the China Insurance Research Institute was born, Passat, Fiesta, Civic and other models have successively encountered “overturn” accidents, which has caused domestic consumers to start paying attention to car crash test results.

A few days ago, under the guidance of the China Insurance Industry Association, the China Insurance Automobile Safety Index Management Center officially released the “China Insurance Automobile Safety Index 2019 Evaluation Results Research Report.”

A total of 27 popular cars including Volkswagen Passat, Volvo XC60, Mazda 3, Geely Xingyue, Roewe RX5 MAX and Xiaopeng G3 were released.

According to the report, the management center carried out the evaluation work on the vehicles according to the four dimensions of crashworthiness / repair economy, occupant safety in the vehicle, safety of pedestrians outside the vehicle, and auxiliary safety of the vehicle. The final evaluation results are divided into four levels: excellent (G), good (A), fair (M), and poor (P).

In terms of crashworthiness / repair economic index, almost all models are “annihilated by the whole army”, and none of the models scored excellent (G). Ford Focus, Volkswagen Passata, Geely Xingyue 3 vehicles were evaluated well (A), BYD Tang, Jeep Grand Commander, Changan CS75 PLUS, Nissan Teana, Toyota Ralink were evaluated as average (M), and the remaining models were awarded Poor (P) evaluation.

In terms of the occupant safety index, 70% of the models received a good rating or above. Cadillac XT4, Volvo XC60, BYD Tang, BMW 3 Series, Toyota Corolla and other 17 models were rated excellent (G), Haval F5 and Geely Sing Yue were rated well (A), the rest of the models including Volkswagen Passat General (M) evaluation.

It is worth noting that the Volkswagen Passat broke the A-pillar in a 25% offset collision and the steering wheel was displaced, resulting in the airbag not catching the dummy’s head, which received a poor (P) rating and also hit a This is the worst result of China Insurance Research in this test.

In terms of the layman’s safety index, 26 models received a good rating or above, accounting for 96%. Only Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 lags behind and gets a poor (P) rating. In terms of vehicle-assisted safety, 23 of the 24 models equipped with forward collision warning (FCW) / automatic emergency braking (AEB) received good (A) and above evaluations, accounting for 96%. Fengshen AX7 received a general (M) rating.

In addition, the safety rate of laymen is higher. Compared with the previous ones, the scores of pedestrian protection, head protection, and leg protection in the models evaluated in 2019 have all increased by different degrees.

Through the safety index, it is found that compared with previous years, the test models in 2019 have a greater improvement in safety, but the maintenance economy needs to be improved.