Which iPhone is the most valuable? Nail household iPhone 7Plus tops the list

The iPhone has always been more valuable than the Android phones of the same period. So which iPhone model is the most valuable? Today, Recycling Bao and AnTuTu jointly released the "2016-2019 iPhone Value Preservation Index", covering the iPhone SE to iPhone 11 series. Follow the editors to find out.

It is reported that the calculation rule of the preservation index released by Recycling Bao is: 80% of the new market price divided by the new machine's selling price after N models are sold, and then multiplied by 100 to obtain the preservation index. According to the released data, the most value-preserving models of the new machine 3 months after its release are iPhone SE and iPhone 11. iPhone 7Plus.

iPhone 7Plus is a model released by Apple in September 2016, starting at 6388 yuan (USD $913) . As the most value-preserving model 3 years after its release, iPhone 7Plus has many "firsts": the first iPhone with dual rear cameras; the first iPhone with the physical home button changed to vibration feedback; This model supports IP67 waterproof iPhone; its A10 is also Apple's first quad-core processor.

Does this list released by Recycling Bao meet your expectations? Comments are welcome.