Which TV box is easy to use? Recommendation of five word-of-mouth boxes in 2020

The current commodity market is so dazzling that everyone is dazzled. They don’t know how to choose. Even TV boxes are no exception. From famous to small, from expensive to cheap, which TV box is easy to use? So Xiaobian recommends five easy-to-use TV boxes!

1. Fast and furious & middot; Taijie weboxgt TV box

Taijie officials have repeatedly revealed the inside story of the TV box industry: there are many fake boxes with poor price and quality, and carton, many advertisements and even news spread and exploded. Although such a product is very cheap, dare you buy it?

And the finished products of each TV box of Taijie are the best of the best. For example, this weboxgt TV box, the team of Taijie spent more than 800 days in research and development, and it is purely independent technology research and development! The quality is first-class, and the service life is usually more than half a year longer than the conventional box.

As we all know, the higher the memory frequency is, the faster weboxgt’s main player is soaring, and the faster it can run to 2133m memory frequency. Other memory frequencies on the market are generally only supported to 1333m. The Taijie box greatly improves the smoothness of video playback. It starts up in 3 seconds, and is rated as a TV box with high level of “professionalism” by the media and users.

Sales performance of Taijie

Due to the strict quality requirements, the official website often sold out of stock, and each time it produced new products, it often triggered a rush to buy war. In the past double 12, many sales records have been refreshed (see the figure above). Because Taijie often brings surprise, love and blessing to users, and is reprinted and reported by the media!

2. Middot; pptvq1 TV box

This pptvq1 TV box has its own resources of pptv video. This TV box is very small and fashionable, but its small body has a lot of resources, enjoying all the wonderful football events of the five major European leagues, China Super League, Asian Championship and other PP sports. If you like watching football, you can choose this TV box!

3. Smart voice & middot; Skyworth t2pro TV box

SKYWORTH Xiaopai t2pro voice TV box! This TV box supports hard interpretation of 6K super clear video image, making people enjoy more realistic vision, AI voice remote control is more intelligent, video on demand, channel switching, weather check are all supported, very convenient to use!

4. Classic versatile & middot; cabo TV box

Cabor is an electronic manufacturer with a history of more than ten years. The quality of the TV box developed is also very good, the content resources are relatively rich, and the appearance is relatively simple and atmospheric. The shell material adopts the seamless injection molding of engineering plastic materials. The whole machine has a very light weight, the grinding process of the shell is good, and the classic black appearance also suits all kinds of living room decoration styles Lattice.

5. No advertising & middot; Taijie we40 TV box

When it comes to Taijie’s requirements for quality, there were competitors who joked that Taijie’s products were expensive and of poor quality. Taijie immediately contacted them and asked them to choose any Taijie box to compete with PK. If the quality experience of Taijie box fails to match, they will directly compensate 200000 yuan (USD $28571) !

Taijie we40 TV box can save a lot of time without advertising! Some TV boxes click on the video to play and then wait for the advertisement of about 60 seconds. Exiting the video will give you a confirmation option, and then some other recommendations, which are really troublesome. It’s easy to use without advertisements. Recommend to buy!