Why Apple's scalpers are making money

The iPhone 12 Pro has been on sale for a while. To this day, the scalpers are still selling them at a price increase. The same is the iPhone 12, but the treatment is different. No one buys the regular version of the iPhone 12 without a price increase. Pinduoduo even offers a discount of 600 yuan (USD $86) . Sell. In fact, this is the fault of our "price increase psychology". The more expensive the price increase, the more people will buy it. Such methods as hunger marketing have become commonplace, but they still work. As for the launch of the iPhone 12 Pro Max last week, Apple’s official website collapsed on hot searches. I believe that the scalper’s price increase will only come more violently.

The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max was released later than the 6.1-inch iPhone 12. It will not be available until November 13th at the earliest. In order to display the phone in the circle of friends for the first time, the "communists" have taken pains to get it on the 13th. For the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the scalpers have also devoted their attention to satisfying everyone's desire to start.

Apple was one of the first mobile phone manufacturers to play hunger marketing. After taking down Nokia, the sensation when the iPhone 4S went on sale is still fresh in memory. It was at that time that I knew what hunger marketing is. Originally, it was about five thousand yuan. Qian's mobile phone can be fired up to eight or nine thousand by the scalpers, and China is already the fourth wave of sales, and the production capacity has stabilized. Apple is fully capable of fully supplying it. As a result, it is playing hunger marketing.

There are also two price increase myths in the automotive industry, namely, Elfa and Lexus LM. These two star nanny cars often increase the price by three to four hundred thousand yuan. But the more you increase the price, the more people come to buy it, probably because you buy it. A price-increasing MPV represents a certain status, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max also does the same, capturing the psychology of the Chinese. Buying an emperor version of the Apple mobile phone is less than 1% of the price of a premium car. If you want to achieve a certain vanity, it is obviously easier to buy a mobile phone.

I used to think that I was a hard-working worker, and my monthly salary was not as expensive as an Apple. It was impossible to buy it. In fact, some hard-working workers were willing to save money and spend a few months to make up an iPhone with a premium. 12 Pro Max. There is no problem in pursuing material enjoyment. In fact, you only need to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max on the official website and wait patiently for delivery. The increase in the price will increase the fattening of the scalpers.

This is the so-called "national mentality". One willing to fight and one willing to endure, manufacturers are hungry for marketing, and the situation of short supply just assists the scalpers. In the end, all the costs are paid by consumers. With this repeated, next year’s iPhone 13 is also likely to continue. Play hunger marketing.