Why does Honor 50 insist on single-cell technology? Honor Fang Fei: faster, thinner and more durable

The sales of the entire platform exceeded 500 million in one minute. This is the proud record of the first sale of the Honor 50 series.

On June 16, Honor officially released its flagship digital series—Honor 50 series. With 100W fast charging and 100 million pixel ultra-clear images on the whole series, this series has attracted the attention of many people in the industry and gained consumer recognition. .

Today, Fang Fei, president of the product line of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., posted on social platforms that “faster, thinner, and more durable”. These three goals are the original intention of Honor to adhere to the single-cell technology.

According to Fang Fei, the 100W super fast charge used in the Honor 50 Pro greatly improves the conversion efficiency through 4:1 charge pump technology, setting a precedent for single-cell adaptation of high-power charging.

I believe that netizens who are familiar with mobile phone charging all know that if you want to further increase the charging power of mobile phones, one of the ways is to achieve the superposition of batteries, that is, the dual-cell design, but this design takes up a lot of internal space in the phone Problems such as large power conversion loss.

If you insist on a single cell, you will face a serious problem of heat generation after the charging power is increased.

In order to overcome the problems of heat generation and power limitation, Honor has innovatively designed a 66W triple-pole dual-circuit charging solution, which is the first to increase the maximum charging power of a single cell to 66W.

According to reports, this program can not only reduce heat consumption, but also reduce capacity loss and increase charging power.

It is worth mentioning that in order to further increase the power, Honor upgraded to a three-pole and internal multi-pole structure, which greatly reduces the internal resistance and heat consumption of the battery, and achieves a breakthrough in single-cell dual-circuit charging.

In addition, Honor also customized and launched 4:1 charge pump charging IC technology, which greatly improved the conversion efficiency.

According to official data, Honor 50 Pro can charge to 90% in 20 minutes and fully charge in 25 minutes.

Of course, in addition to excellent charging technology, the Honor 50 Pro is also first equipped with the Snapdragon 778G processor and uses a 6.72-inch OLED 75° curved screen.

In terms of ID design, the Honor 50 series inherits the aesthetic genes of the Honor Digital series. The rear lens adopts a double-circle design. The upper circle is the main rear camera, and the lower circle is the secondary camera and the flash is equally symmetrical.