Why is OPPO Reno6 the most recommended 5G video phone for the graduation season?

It’s June, and it’s the graduation season of major colleges and universities. I believe that many people hope to take this opportunity to choose a new mobile phone to give to themselves, and it is also during the 618 shopping festival. There are also promotions launched by many mobile phone manufacturers. . And if you are more concerned about the appearance of the phone, and at the same time hope that it has a good image performance, then OPPO’s latest Reno6 series of phones must be paid attention to.

The Reno6 series released this time includes three models with different price positioning, namely OPPO Reno6, OPPO Reno6 Pro, and OPPO Reno6 Pro+. The common features they have are all thin and light body design, support the new AI radiant beauty video, radiant spot portrait video function, which can bring excellent hand feeling to users, and further integrate the current video social trends to enrich consumers The comprehensive shooting experience.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the biggest highlight of the OPPO Reno6 series is undoubtedly the addition of the summer sunny sea color matching. The summer sunny sea color matching gives people a fresh and elegant light blue, adding a hint of summer clarity. , This color scheme is like the noon sun in the summer when the sun shines on the sea surface blown by the breeze. It presents a sparkling texture and looks like a different visual experience. I believe it will be loved by many young people.

In order to achieve this practical effect, OPPO has also applied a brand-new Crystal Diamond 3.0 process on it. In order to create a more shining wave light effect, the flash point reflected by the latest Crystal Diamond 3.0 process has been increased from 0.02mm in the previous generation to 1mm and the area has increased by 50 times. At the same time, in order to be able to create a sense of wave ripples, OPPO has also made a breakthrough in the Crystal Diamond 3.0 process to make the crystal “birth toward the sun.” Compared with the previous generations of crystal diamond technology, the latest crystal diamond 3.0 technology has a larger coverage and tighter arrangement of crystals. With the blessing of Crystal Diamond 3.0 technology, OPPO Reno6’s hand feel has been further improved.

In terms of images, OPPO, as a powerful brand in the field of technology, has a dream linkage with global nude makeup master Bobbi Brown, combining the nude makeup philosophy of nude makeup masters with the OPPO Reno6 series in the form of cross-border cooperation and software upgrades. At this point, the AI radiant beauty video function has finally been created for the OPPO Reno6 series, and the era of technology nude makeup where beauty can grow naturally has officially arrived.

Through the AI Radiance Beauty Video function of the OPPO Reno6 series, the system can establish an accurate facial features based on the 635 detection points on the face. In this way, a natural and beautiful nude top makeup can be completed in just one second, and then the whole day will be able to appear without makeup under the lens of the OPPO Reno6 series, but it is still very beautiful. In other words, through this function, users can present the most beautiful themselves in a shorter time without relying on tools and makeup techniques. In addition, the blessing of portrait videos like bright spots allows us to effectively lock the subject through the large aperture of the mobile phone even when we are out, bringing us a movie-like video shooting effect.

In terms of other configurations, the Reno6 series is also equipped with 65W super flash charging technology. The big cup and super big cup are also equipped with a 4500mAh large battery. The actual battery life and charging efficiency reach the level of the first-line echelon. And in order to catch up and bring a smoother look and feel experience, the screens of the three models of the Reno6 series all support a 90Hz refresh rate, thereby enhancing the screen operation experience of the whole machine.

On the whole, OPPO this time can be said to have brought us a lot of surprises in terms of image and appearance design. Through the AI recognition algorithm technology accumulated by OPPO for many years, the beauty effect is more natural and the beauty effect is more in line with the needs of users. The addition of the bright spot portrait video refreshed users’ awareness of video shooting and improved the overall user experience. OPPO Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+ will also go on sale on June 5th, and OPPO Reno6 will go on sale on June 11th. Those who like them may wish to pay attention.