Will the iPhone 12 be postponed? Apple is also tangled up in this matter

Because of the impact of the epidemic, the international economy has now received a lot of blows. The shutdown of various factories and the shutdown of enterprises are one of the reasons. When the epidemic broke out in China, most domestic factories stopped production, such as Foxconn, BYD, etc. The suspension of these foundries will undoubtedly affect mobile phone manufacturers, such as Apple.

Since the outbreak, there have been news that Apple will postpone the release of the iPhone 12 series, but the official has not confirmed this. The current decision made by Apple during the epidemic is to cancel the spring new product launch conference. The WWDC, which was held in June, will also be held online and calls on employees to work from home.

According to Reuters, an Apple executive said that orders through March may be 18% lower than last year, and the iPhone 12 mass production plan is postponed, but Apple is still preparing to release as scheduled.

However, it turns out that it is very difficult for Apple to increase production capacity as soon as an Apple screen supplier is considering reducing 70 million display orders to 58 million in order to reduce the burden on Vietnam ’s factories in order to better defend the new Coronavirus.

There are many suppliers who have reduced or even failed to supply parts due to the epidemic situation, but some suppliers have stated that they will not reduce demand, and even this quarter's performance is better than last year.

In the face of the global epidemic, because the situation changes every day, it may get better or worse, so Apple should be tangled now. After all, the 5G iPhone 12 is about a year late. Should you wait any longer?