Will the "L" data line become a trend? Meizu new products announced tomorrow

On March 16th, Meizu Accessories posted a poster on Weibo to announce that the new product will be announced tomorrow. In the poster, this new product should be the data cable of the "L" connector. In addition, Meizu's essay states: From tomorrow, bow to the game. This sentence also reflects that the design of the new product is a "lower head" data cable. The biggest advantage of the "L" data cable is that it does not affect the horizontal holding of the phone when charging.

From the current market point of view, there are already many mobile phone manufacturers who have chosen "L" -type interface data cable designs, such as iQOO and Red Devils. It is not difficult to find that both brands focus on e-sports mobile games, and the Red Devils are not compromised. Deducted gaming gaming mobile phone brand. For mobile game heavy players, charging while playing is normal, so the straight data line affects the posture of holding the phone will reduce the gaming experience.

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Although Meizu does not really have a gaming phone, the Meizu 16T released last year is a mobile phone designed for young players. The Meizu 16T has a large 6.5-inch screen, the super performance of the Snapdragon 855 processor, and the battery life of a 4500mAh battery. More importantly, it is cheap and provides a good choice for most young gamers.

The launch of the Meizu "L" -type data cable means that it attaches great importance to the game. Maybe this year, it may develop in the direction of game phones and open up a new battlefield for Meizu. If you have the need to play mobile phones while charging, pay attention to the dynamics of Meizu tomorrow.