Win10 will usher in the "quick termination" function, it is more convenient to terminate the application process

According to the latest news from foreign media, Microsoft Windows 10 is about to bring a brand new feature to help users terminate applications/programs that take up too much memory without opening the task manager during use.

According to the introduction of foreign media, Microsoft’s PowerToys team is now considering launching a new feature called "Quick Termination". Its function is similar to task manager or open source tools, but it can be called up faster, allowing users to directly use "Termination". "Window or keyboard shortcut to end the application process/program.

Now, if we need to close the application in Windows 10, we can directly click the "X" of the window or right-click "Close Window" in the taskbar where the program is located to close, but this does not completely terminate the application, because some service processes It will still run in the background, we still need to manually find this process in the task manager to terminate it, which is more troublesome.

With this "quick termination" function, we can directly call up this "simplified version of the task manager" to select the application process/program that needs to be closed. It will be more convenient to terminate the application process/program, and the keyboard can also be used Shortcut keys are really much more convenient.

At present, Microsoft is busy with PowerToys bug fixes and performance improvements. It is expected that the "quick termination" feature will be updated when the new system is pushed next year. You can be patient and wait.