Wind Valley design + brand new cooling module, together to bring excellent gaming experience

Honor released the V700, the second product of the Hunter family last month, and stated that it will build the Hunter into a full-scene game product series. As the first gaming product, V700 uses the Intel Core i7-10750H+RTX 2060 configuration combination, so there is no problem with daily games.

Then I believe that some people will start to worry about its temperature performance again. After all, for gaming laptops, a configuration that is shoulder-to-shoulder with desktop computers puts forward higher requirements for the heat dissipation of the whole machine. But in contrast, notebooks have higher requirements for heat dissipation.

The first is the limitation of space. Gaming notebooks generally have to consider the need for mobile use while providing excellent performance. This requires the weight and thickness of the whole machine to be controlled within a certain range, and a large battery must be plugged. At this time, the space left for the heat dissipation module is very small. In addition, the core hardware of the game notebook is generally concentrated under the keyboard on the C side, which is also the main part of the whole machine. If the heat cannot be transferred out of the fuselage or dispersed in time, the keyboard will become very hot as the game progresses, which will greatly affect the player's operation and actual experience.

The last and most critical issue is that the D side of the notebook is generally flat. As a result, when it is working, the biggest aspect is blocked. It’s okay if you put it on a table, because the surrounding design will cushion the body a little, but if you have used the game notebook on a bed or other soft place, this heat accumulation effect will be very unforgettable.

In order to solve this problem, the Honor Hunter V700 adopts a special "Valley of Wind" design.

When shutting down, you may not see the difference in the heat dissipation design of the Honor Hunter Gaming V700, and even feel that its heat dissipation effect should be very general. Because the back half of its D side is not cut out like other products, but is "sealed".

But when you open the Honor Hunter game book V700, you may be able to find the difference here. Because as the screen unfolds, the rear part of the fuselage is slowly supported, exposing a large space for air circulation.

This is the "Wind Valley" design that Honor has added for it this time. Honor officially stated that this 8.5mm wind valley can increase the air intake of the whole machine by 40%. After all, the thickness of the whole machine when closed is only 19.9mm, which is considered to be the thinner among gaming notebooks. Of course, the official has also passed very strict tests on the shaft of the Wind Valley, so that it can open and close more than 50,000 times, which can fully meet the requirements of opening and closing every day for several years.

In order to conduct heat more effectively, the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 uses a heat dissipation module with Heiyao radiator + 240 heat dissipation fins. Among them, the heat conduction area of the obsidian radiator is as high as 28542mm², which can effectively conduct heat out. The heat sink fins use 240 pieces of 0.1mm ultra-thin copper alloy, and the combination of the two makes the overall heat dissipation area more than 100,000 mm².

The active heat dissipation part of the fuselage uses two 12V hurricane supercharged fans with a large outer diameter of 85x80mm, and the number of fan blades has reached 79. With the design of the above cooling module, three heat pipes and four air outlets, the heat of the fuselage can be effectively discharged.

With the joint cooperation of the above cooling modules, the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 can not only achieve excellent temperature and performance in the baking machine, but also very good in the game.

According to my previous test, after running the "DOTA 2" game for one hour, the maximum temperature of the C side of the fuselage is only 44.5℃, and the temperature in the more commonly used QWER and WASD areas is very low, which basically does not affect the operation.

At the same time, its heat dissipation sound is better controlled. It is a kind of rustling sound that is more similar to rain, rather than the noisy bearing sound made by some other notebooks or radiators. I wear the gaming headset during the actual game, and the heat dissipation sound of the whole machine basically does not affect my gaming experience.

However, Honor still thought of this problem, so it arranged a "Hunter" key in the upper right corner of the keyboard to switch the cooling mode with one key. Among them, the quiet mode basically does not have extra sound, the balanced mode has a little fan noise, and the frantic mode…the number of game frames is more important.

When it comes to this Hunter button, one has to talk about the keyboard of the Honor Hunter game book. Not only has it been specially customized for games, the area of each button has been enlarged, and a separate design similar to a desktop keyboard is used in the F function key area, which is more conducive to blind typing and games. Moreover, the power button with integrated fingerprint recognition is placed on the top of the keyboard separately, which not only makes it more convenient to start up, but also avoids accidental shutdown caused by typing and playing games.

With such excellent heat dissipation performance, the actual gaming experience of the Honor Hunter V700 is naturally no problem. As for the choice of the game, considering that the "Hunter" series is still a bit domineering in my mind, I originally wanted to choose the car gun ball to experience, but because I don't play ball games very much, I use "Tomb Raider: Shadow" instead.

In "Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4" that can "take" you to travel to England, the Honor Hunter game can run 117 average frames in the performance test under the highest default 1080P. In the actual game, it is basically maintained at 120 frames, which can be roughly understood as a frame rate performance of twice 60fps.

In my opinion, more than 100 frames can basically meet my needs for high frame rates, and the scenery of this game is really good at the highest quality, so I am quite satisfied with this result.

Next is "Gears of War 5", which is also the highest picture quality at 1080P resolution. The Honor Hunter game could have run out of 86.4 average frames in the benchmark test. After manually reducing some image quality or selecting a high preset, it is not a problem to break through 100 frames in stand-alone mode.

After all, it's an FPS game that focuses on brushing. I think it's more practical for higher frame rates.

Finally, "Tomb Raider: Shadow" is also a frequent visitor to the light chase test in adventure games. Here I used 1080P high quality, turned on DLSS and ray tracing, and ran out an average of 83 frames in the performance test.

Compared with the previous two games, the performance of Honor Hunter V700 in this game can be said to be slightly inferior. But it should be noted that this game not only has good picture quality, but also has ray tracing enabled, not to mention that adventure games are relatively not so sensitive to the number of frames. The RTX 2060 is a ray tracing "early early adopter card", if it can run stably on a notebook for a long time, I think it can be praised.

I mentioned a lot of content related to heat dissipation and game performance. Let’s talk about another part that can effectively improve the user’s gaming experience: RGB.

The Honor Hunter gamebook V700 can be said to fully cover the RGB lighting effects, not only the wind valley and the keyboard, even the very low-key A side in the shutdown state is also arranged with RGB lighting effects after the boot. As for the B side, isn't there a large screen.

Among them, the lighting of Wind Valley is not only a decoration for opening the lower gap, but also allows you to feel more Gaming atmosphere during the game. It actually feels like a light strip is installed under the table or monitor. Many players now choose products with these features at a relatively high price when choosing gaming equipment, or install them by themselves after buying. But the Honor Hunter game book V700 is not only ready for you, but also allows you to adjust it as you like.

In the Honor Hunter Smart Control Game Center software, you can not only see the running status of the computer hardware, select the computer's cooling mode, but also adjust the keyboard, wind valley, etc. and the lighting effects of the LOGO. At present, there are preset options including solid color, breath and wave, and the color can also be selected according to your own preferences. As for the specific matching, it depends on your own mood.

Speaking of keyboard lighting effects, you may find that the WASD and cursor key areas of the Honor Hunter V700 are specially marked to make it easier for users to find them. The cursor key area is also designed with a special sink, so that a more complete key can be installed while retaining the size of the key position.

But there is also a small problem here, that is, these buttons are not distinguished in terms of feel. I think that if the next game of Honor could design a circle of depressions or small bumps around the keycaps of these buttons, it might be more convenient for users to find buttons when playing games.

This is the Honor Hunter Gaming Book V700. As the first gaming product of the Honor Hunter, it does not make me feel a strong test of the water, but it already has a complete set of mature designs of its own. These include, but not only the unique Wind Valley design, a keyboard that is more suitable for gaming, the RGB lighting effect that almost wrapped the whole body at the time, and the consistent convenient experience of the Honor family.

At the same time, as a gaming product, Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 also performs well in terms of gaming and cooling. According to our actual test, the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 can not only meet the requirements of the current mainstream stand-alone and online games, but also has excellent performance in terms of heat dissipation, and long-term gaming is not a problem at all.

Of course, these have a lot to do with the Valley of the Wind and a complete set of cooling systems used in the Honor Hunter Gaming V700, but in this case, Honor can control the thickness of this product to 19.9mm, which is undoubtedly also for it. Brings a strong competitiveness.