With Find X2 Pro 5G flagship, your night scene shooting will not only be monotonous

A few days have passed since the first sale of the Find X2 series. I believe that the first users who got the new machine should be as deeply shocked as we are. "3K + 120Hz + 1 billion color depth" ultra-sensitive screen, no matter from which angle the color is so vivid and real, and the screen's sliding control is also smoother, without the slightest stutter and lag. But what makes me even more pleased is the three-camera camera system on the Find X2 Pro, excellent imaging quality and rich shooting modes, which can be said to have once again improved the horizontal line of OPPO mobile phone imaging capabilities.

This year's Find X2 Pro does not have the same number of stacked cameras as other flagships. Instead, it uses three lenses with higher parameters, and through professional tuning and optimization, won the top of the DxOMark image rankings with a score of 124 points. , Bringing full-featured and excellent imaging quality. The main camera uses Sony's custom IMX689 sensor, and the ultra-wide angle uses IMX586. It is also equipped with a periscope telephoto lens that supports OIS / EIS dual anti-shake, bringing the performance of 10x hybrid zoom and 60x digital zoom.

The main camera and ultra-wide angle have 48 million ultra-high pixels. The camera module on the back also adds a six-channel color temperature sensor, which can ensure the same clear picture quality at different focal lengths, and maintain a consistent white balance and Accurate color reproduction. Find X2 Pro is also equipped with hardware-level dual-native ISO technology, which can automatically switch the sensitivity in low light and bright environments, ensuring clear and bright imaging quality in various extreme environments, and retaining more picture details And color performance.

Super Wide Angle Mode

Standard mode

10x zoom mode

From this set of samples taken during the day, you can see that the Find X2 Pro's imaging quality is very clear and sharp at three different focal lengths, the edges of the building are clear, and the surface is not smeared. In particular, the resolution at super wide angle is very outstanding, which brings a larger imaging field while maintaining high-quality image quality output. If you look closely, you will find that the white balance and color performance of the three photos are also consistent, and there is no sign of switching lenses. The Find X2 Pro has an amazing three-shot performance.

Super wide-angle night scene mode

5x zoom night scene mode

With the help of Sony ’s IMX689 outsole sensor, the photosensitive area and sensitivity of the lens have been further improved. Combined with the composite multi-frame noise reduction technology developed by OPPO and the three-camera full-focus night scene algorithm, let Find X2 Pro shoot at night It has higher performance and rich playability. In the actual shooting process, not only night scene shooting in standard mode, but also super wide-angle and telephoto shooting, and the picture maintains consistent white balance and sharpness, and the imaging quality is excellent.

Here I also took the iPhone 11 Pro and Find X2 Pro for night view photo comparison. Under the same standard focal length, the overall picture of the iPhone 11 Pro will be brighter, causing some overexposure in the highlights, and the buildings The edges are not sharp enough either. The Find X2 Pro has restored the brightness of the environment at that time. It is not too bright or dark. The grasp of light and dark details is more accurate and the overall resolution is better than the iPhone 11 Pro.

From some real shot proofs and night shot comparison with iPhone 11 Pro, you can see that the overall imaging effect of Find X2 Pro is better, reaching the first-class level in the industry. Many friends who do not have a mobile phone may not be able to personally experience the shooting experience, but if the friends who are satisfied with the actual shooting results can try to get one, I believe that the outstanding performance of Find X2 Pro will completely conquer you.