Worry about quality? Weimar EX5 explodes when parking without charging

On the evening of October 27, someone pointed out on the social media platform that a Weimar electric car parked in a parking lot in Beijing’s North Fourth Ring Road exploded and said that it exploded when it was parked in an uncharged state. The explosion was very powerful. The surrounding residents felt a strong shock and a pungent smell permeated.

Weimar Motors' official Weibo released a message today in response to the Internet-borne explosion of electric vehicles.

Weimar said that at around 21:00 on October 27, an EX5 caught fire in the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, North Fourth Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing. The public security, fire and other departments quickly dispatched police, and the accident was quickly dealt with without causing injuries or other property losses.

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On October 13th, two Weimar electric vehicles spontaneously ignite in Shaowu City. Weimar Motors stated in its response to the local government that the spontaneous combustion battery has a quality problem and will be replaced with high-quality batteries in the future.

Regarding the two spontaneous combustion accidents in Fujian, Weimar Motors responded that the investigation results need to be confirmed by the qualified quality inspection department of the country, and no conclusion can be made temporarily.