WRC also come to play video games! Hyundai Kona electric rally car

2020 is indeed a bad year, especially for the sport of racing. Due to the impact of the epidemic, all countries have tightened their epidemic prevention measures, and the World Rally Championship (WRC) competitions in many countries have been cancelled. New Zealand, as the vanguard of epidemic prevention in the Western world, is of course no exception. This not only makes us missed The New Zealand Rally also made us miss a very cool car-Hyundai Kona electric rally car.

This car is a car created by rally driver Hayden Paddon in collaboration with STARD, University of Canterbury, Yes Power and Hyundai New Zealand.

Unlike previous Rallycross electric racing cars, this car is specially built for the WRC and intends to compete in this year's New Zealand Rally as a non-card player.

Since we have to compete with the WRC "monsters", the power of this car should not be underestimated.

In theory, if the 4-motor mode is used, it will have 1072 horsepower, but in order to allow the car to have enough power to run the half-day race, the team decided to cut the motors in half and turn them into one motor at the front and rear, with a maximum power of 500 About horsepower, 120 horsepower more than the current rally car.

As an electric car, the biggest disadvantage is undoubtedly weight. This car weighs 1,400 kg, which is 200 kg heavier than the current rally car. Although it has 120 horsepower, the extra weight will definitely reduce the speed. .

Although he did not participate in the success this year, Paddon said that in the coming days he will regroup and fight with a group of WRC cars in the New Zealand Rally in 2022 and strive to win the game.