Xiaomi 10 Pro appearance rendering exposure: double hole full screen + rear vertical four shots

[TechWeb] with the official entry into 2020, major manufacturers have begun to make every effort for their flagship of the new year. According to the past practice, in the past, Xiaomi’s annual digital series, as one of the first top flagship new machines launched every year, always gets the attention of the global technology media and users. Now there’s the latest news. Following the previous Xiaomi 10, recently, another model & mdash; & mdash; Xiaomi 10 Pro rendering has been further developed by a well-known foreign informant.

According to the latest rendering released by @ Ben geskin, a famous foreign informant, the brand-new Xiaomi 10 Pro also continues the design idea of making Xiaomi 9, which is not too different from the previously exposed rendering of Xiaomi 10. Of course, the specific details have been upgraded accordingly. For example, the machine will use the front dual aperture camera module, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen, while Xiaomi 10 is equipped with a single aperture camera, which is located in the upper left corner of the screen. In addition, the machine will also be equipped with a rear four camera module to support screen fingerprint identification.

In other aspects, according to the previously disclosed news, the new Xiaomi 10 series new machine will include two versions of Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 10 pro, and will adopt the OLED hole digging screen design for the first time. The screen refresh rate of Xiaomi 10 is 90hz, and the screen refresh rate of Xiaomi 10 is expected to reach 120Hz. There may be a big difference between the two cameras, among which the main camera (Sony imx686) + 20 million pixels is set after Xiaomi 10 Super wide angle + 12 megapixel long focus + 5 megapixel depth of field quadcamera module, while Xiaomi 10 Pro is expected to post 108mp + 48mp + 12MP + 8mp quadcamera module.

It is reported that the new Xiaomi 10 series flagship will be officially unveiled in Q1 this year. Considering that Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 will be launched in February, if Xiaomi 10 wants to launch Xiaolong 865, it can only be launched in February. More details will be waiting for us.