Xiaomi 10 Super Cup is coming! Lei Jun’s microblog crazy express or early August

Previously, there were a lot of information about Xiaomi 10 “super large cup” on the Internet, suggesting that this mobile phone will come, but the official did not disclose any information about this mobile phone. Now, however, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, has sent two tweets in a row, suggesting that the phone is coming.

millet 10

On the morning of July 27, Lei Jun tweeted, “I suddenly found that I had not held a press conference for a long time since Xiaomi 10 was released in February. Do you miss me? ” In addition, on July 26, Lei Jun also sent a picture of coffee with the caption “super large cup?” Being ridiculed by netizens as “crazy express”. As for what is clearly stated, I believe everyone knows that it is Xiaomi 10 “super large cup”.

screenshot of Lei Jun’s microblog

Lei Jun crazy Express

Previously, a new Xiaomi machine has been certified. According to the certification information, this mobile phone can support up to 120W fast charging, which is supposed to be Xiaomi 10 “super large cup”. In addition, it is reported that Xiaomi 10 “super large cup” uses 4000mAh + battery, and the camera pixel is no longer as high as 108 million.

Although there have been a lot of revelations about this mobile phone before, they did not disclose the configuration, appearance or even name of Xiaomi 10 “super large cup”. Generally speaking, the security work of this mobile phone is well done, which makes people look forward to it. However, now that the government has begun to send microblogs to warm up the new machine, I believe it will announce the information of the new machine in the near future. We will wait and see.