Xiaomi 10 Super Cup is launched, and the performance of mobile phone GPU can be adjusted manually

On July 30, blogger @ digital chat station disclosed that Xiaomi and Qualcomm jointly developed a GPU control panel function, which can adjust various parameters to further develop the potential of GPU. And revealed that this feature will be launched by Xiaomi 10 Super Cup, and temporarily monopolized by Xiaomi. It is speculated that the performance of the upcoming Xiaomi 10 Super Cup game should be quite strong.

From the screenshots of the function disclosed by bloggers, we can find that this function is called game turbo, which should be applied in game mode. Several GPU modes are preset, including default, energy saving, balance, high quality and customization, which can adjust the performance or save power according to the actual scene demand. The custom mode can adjust the parameters of anti aliasing, anisotropic filtering and texture filtering.

Earlier, Qualcomm said that the subsequent snapdragon flagship processors can obtain the latest functional features by updating the GPU driver, while Xiaomi 10 series and redmi K30 Pro have also realized the updating of the Qualcomm snapdragon GPU driver in the application mall. Now it is expected that this new function will be launched. According to the owner of the Caibo, the GPU frequency of Xiaomi 10 super large cup snapdragon 865 will exceed that of the snapdragon 865 plus, which is the highest overclocking value on the market.

According to previous news, Xiaomi 10 Super Cup should be released in mid August, equipped with a 6.67 inch 1080p resolution OLED curved screen, supporting 120Hz refresh rate. It should be equipped with snapdragon 865 + processor, with a running point of more than 68W, and it will also support 100W power fast charging. However, how the actual situation is, we still need to wait for the official warm-up publicity. Let’s look forward to it.