Xiaomi 6 users enjoy online battery replacement service exclusively! It only costs 49 yuan for a new battery

According to news on March 17, Xiaomi announced today that Xiaomi 6 users can also participate in the "49 yuan for battery" event. Earlier, Xiaomi ’s “49 yuan battery replacement campaign” did not include Xiaomi 6 users, which made some “Xiaomi 6 nail owners” feel frustrated. In fact, due to the fact that the materials of Xiaomi 6 were released at an earlier time, it was not a problem. It was decided not to include users of Xiaomi 6.

But Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said: "We must serve the users of Xiaomi 6", and asked to solve the material problem. The event is currently open to Xiaomi 6 users for a total of 7 days from 00:00 on March 18 to March 24. Xiaomi 6 users can exchange a brand new battery for their Xiaomi Mi 6 mobile phones at a price of 49 yuan.

During the event, it is necessary to pay attention to several points. First, the 49 yuan paid by the user includes both the battery price and labor costs, and there is no need to pay additional logistics costs. Second, the event only supports offline service outlets and Mailing services, Xiaomi House and other sales outlets do not support this event; third, be sure to note that this is a limited time event.

Many netizens for the battery replacement event said that Xiaomi Mi 6 has finally been favored. According to Xiaomi official news, in addition to the 15 models that were opened in the last battery replacement event of Xiaomi 6 and Xiaomi, this event will be opened to more Xiaomi products in the future to try to meet the needs of different Xiaomi users for battery replacement. .