Xiaomi announces "One Finger Connect" Xiaomi UWB technology, centimeter-level positioning

On October 12th, Xiaomi officially announced the “Yizhilian” Xiaomi UWB technology through its social account. According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, it is a new generation of connection technology that can accurately sense the spatial location of smart devices, just like “indoor GPS” . The ultra-high-precision positioning ability allows the mobile phone to point to the smart device, and the control card can be called out, and even the TV can be directly projected. No extra steps, one finger control.

It is reported that Xiaomi uses its self-developed antenna arrangement and algorithm, through the magic modification of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series mobile phones and a series of smart devices, it has achieved centimeter-level positioning and ±3° angle measurement accuracy, and launched “one finger control” and ” Two innovative functions of “one finger delivery”.

Among them, the “one-finger control” is: pick up the phone, point it at the smart device, and automatically pop up the control interface. Turn on the TV, desk lamp to color, select songs and view lyrics, all with one finger.

“One-finger delivery” refers to delivery in any interface of the mobile phone, pointing at the smart device to perform gesture operations, and the current screen can be automatically delivered to the smart devices such as Xiaomi TV, touch screen speakers, and Xiaomi notebook.

According to Xiaomi’s official news, “Yizhilian” is only the tip of the iceberg of Xiaomi’s UWB technology. Soon, even the “pointing” can be omitted to achieve a senseless linkage. Close to the car door, the mobile phone in your pocket automatically unlocks the door for you; through the gate, the mobile phone automatically swipes your card to pass through. All of this will be realized one after another with the landing of Xiaomi UWB technology.