Xiaomi Mi Band 5 NFC version experience: the best 100 yuan (USD $14) product

Xiaomi Mi Band has become the absolute star class product in the field of intelligent wearable devices. Up to now, it has gone through five generations of product changes. The latest generation of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has raised the user satisfaction of Xiaomi Mi Band to an unprecedented height. It has reached a higher level both in function and experience. Today, let’s take a look at the table of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 How is it now.

In the aspect of appearance design, the change of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is really not big. It is only the change in details. The overall design language still retains the essence of so many years.

The OLED screen added to the 4-generation Band has been well preserved, and the display area of the screen has been increased from 0.95 inch to 1.1 inch, and the display area is larger. Especially for this small-sized device, the enlarged screen makes viewing easier. On top of the screen is still a 2.5D reinforced glass cover to protect the screen from scratches in case of long-term use.

It is worth mentioning that the screen brightness of millet Band 5 can reach up to 450nit, which is a good level in OLED screen, and the content of the screen can be seen clearly in the strong outdoor light. However, millet Band 5 does not have the function of automatic brightness adjustment, so the user needs to manually switch between outdoor and indoor, which is really troublesome.

Although the endurance of Xiaomi Mi Band has always been welcomed by users, the charging method is actually anti human. Previous generations of products need to separate the Band from the wristband and put them into the corresponding charging slot. Although Xiaomi Mi Band can be charged once a half month, the experience is still a bit unpleasant.

Therefore, in this generation of products, millet Band adopts the way of magnetic charging. The hand ring charger also has a charging slot which turns into a round and small contact. It only needs to be close to the contact on the back of Xiaomi hand ring 5 and it will automatically absorb. The charging experience will be directly upgraded to the level of thousand yuan product, which is unique in the price range of about 200 yuan (USD $29) where Xiaomi hand ring is located.

Function, millet Band rely on the upgrading of previous generations of products have integrated Alipay, little love classmates and other functions, so in this generation of products, millet has focused on strengthening the movement ability and perception ability of the Band.

The motion sensor of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the same as that of the previous generation. It adopts a 6-axis sensor composed of 3-axis acceleration sensor and 3-axis gyroscope. It supports water-proof of 5atm level and can be fearless in daily sweat or swimming. And the upgrading of 6-axis sensor and algorithm also enables millet Band 5 to support more motion modes.

In the movement column, millet Band 5 has 11 movement mode options, including yoga, elliptical machine and rowing machine. So far, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 sports include outdoor running, treadmill outdoor riding, indoor riding, walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine, yoga, rope skipping, swimming and free training. And in each individual sport category, the monitoring data of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is more abundant.

Taking the rowing machine project as an example, millet Band 5 can record basic data such as the number of rowing times, the rate of rowing, and the average rate of rowing, as well as the swoof data, which is an indicator of swimming efficiency. It takes into account the speed of swimming and the number of strokes. The faster you swim, the less times you hit, which indicates that the higher the efficiency, the lower the swolf value, which is very good data help for professional users.

In addition to sports, millet Band 5 also takes care of the health needs of more ordinary users, adding pressure monitoring and Pai activity index detection. The three letters of Pai vitality index stand for personal personalization, activity exercise and intelligence function.

Pai value is a direct reflection of your body’s response to activity by analyzing relevant data such as sustained heart rate, age and gender. In other words, the higher the PAI value, the better the activity of the body. Pai is also considered to be an indicator for better health. Even in a sense, a sustained high Pai value can have an impact on people’s life span.

In terms of small functions, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 finally added remote control camera function. However, unlike Apple watch’s remote-control photo taking, due to the size of the screen, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can only click the Photo button on the screen, and will not display the synchronized view of the mobile phone. So for many cases that want to take pictures remotely, you need to set up your mobile phone first, confirm the composition and exposure of the scene, and then you can click the Photo button remotely. There is quite a kind of experience of taking pictures on the SLR camera at fixed time, and the basic requirements for users to take photos are relatively high.

In addition, millet Band 5 has also further optimized the sleep monitoring. In addition to recording the sleep at night, it can also record the short-term sleep such as siesta, and generate a more detailed sleep record report.

For the dial part, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has more diversified IP cooperation this year. The number of theme dials has exceeded 100, which has increased the EVA dial of the current fire. There are also dynamic sponge baby and famous detective Conan. The overall design sense is more mature than last year.

In terms of comprehensive wearing experience, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can be said to be the most mature smart Band product at present, with mobile payment, NFC bus card, Xiaoai classmates, the most commonly used functions on the mobile terminal. There are also detailed exercise records, sleep monitoring and health value monitoring, so that we can have a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of their own physical functions. The rich theme dial and colorful strap increase the personalized effect of the Band, and the magnetic charging makes the half monthly charging link more “humanized”.

But don’t forget that the above collection only needs about 200 yuan (USD $29) to experience, which is quite affordable.