Xiaomi Mi Band 5 simple to start with: it is worth starting, but the perception of MI ring 4 users is not strong

A few days ago, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 was officially released, and the NFC version was once again the most worth buying version with no higher price than the ordinary version. The boss just received a millet Band 5 In the NFC version, Xiaobian, as an employee, of course, immediately forcibly expropriated it for his own. After three days of experience, he had a general understanding of this Band. As a user of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and 4, let’s first say that the NFC model is definitely worth the money in this price range, but the users who already have Xiaomi Mi Band 4 already have it. In fact, the upgrading significance is not very great, and it can be based on your own needs Ask to decide.

In terms of appearance, there is no big difference between the appearance of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and millet 4, but it is larger than the previous generation, and the weight and thickness are basically unchanged. The display area of the 5th generation screen is a little larger, and it is more comfortable to browse the content visually. However, there are two kinds of wristbands, i.e. No. 4 wristband and No. 5 wristband.

The function aspect is the key point of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 upgrade. Next, we will talk about the added functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 5. First of all, it’s the magnetic suction charging, which is one of the most attractive features for old users to upgrade. It’s a bit stupid for the fourth generation to dismantle the main body every time it is charged. The fifth generation has finally solved this problem. A small design can improve the happiness too much. See here, I know you have a lot of bold ideas, don’t think about it, I have tried, generation 5 magnetic suction charging cable can not charge generation 4.

In addition to magnetic charging, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 also increases women’s health. The interface is intuitive and has calculation function. However, it is not as detailed as apple and Samsung health. It can only record menstrual symptoms, but not blood volume and other data.

The newly added Pai data record needs to monitor the heart rate every minute. Any daily activity or special exercise that can increase the user’s heart rate can accumulate Pai. The app will urge users to achieve the goal of 100 Pai per week starting from 30 Pai per week, so as to improve the cardiopulmonary ability. However, turning on real-time heart rate monitoring will reduce the endurance by half, and users can consider it at their discretion.

After the training, the heart rate can be monitored and displayed after the training. The music control and camera control have been tried without any delay and can be used normally. However, there is still room for optimization in the music control interface. The volume control interface requires too much operation precision to control the volume, which is not very practical in daily life.

The 5th generation of sleep monitoring is more accurate, recording fragmented sleep and monitoring rem. I have also roughly understood that REM refers to rapid eye movement, which will be interspersed in various stages of sleep. It is a shallower state than shallow sleep. At this time, people’s brain waves will speed up, and they usually dream at this time. More will not start to talk, afraid that the professional degree is not enough to mislead everyone.

Applications and sports items can be sorted or hidden in Xiaomi sports app, which is highly praised. After all, most of the users of the Band are male. The application menu was originally much longer than that of the fourth generation, and the application of “women’s health” which is hardly used every time is still very annoying. “Breathing”, “pressure” and other functions for me to use frequency is very small, hidden also a lot of convenience.

The functions of NFC version are also very comprehensive. The bus card and gate card simulation of the previous generation have been supported. This generation has joined the UnionPay flash payment (probably because it is the internal test firmware, the export has not been found yet). In this respect, Xiaomi’s ecology is not bad, and the gate card simulation also needs to authenticate identity to ensure security.

In other aspects, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has added many animation and IP co branded dials, and supports dynamic dial display. At present, it is said that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 emasculated this function in the latest firmware update. Previously, the Band 4 can crack the custom dial and use the dynamic dial, which needs to be verified. It is more sensitive to lift the screen and put it down to turn off the screen. However, compared with the fourth generation, it has not much improvement. However, it supports the user-defined time after the screen is turned off.

The above is in the past few days to experience the small rice Band 5 main upgrade brought me the feeling. Compared with the previous generation, the 5th generation has not been greatly improved. In other words, with the development of smart Band, it is difficult to find a breakthrough direction in addition to increasing the proportion of the screen. If the functions such as calling and music playing conflict with the smart watch, the portability and positioning of the Band also determine that the functions of such devices are limited. Most people get the Band and experience a circle of fancy functions, and the last thing they use most is to look at the time, count the steps, remind the message and swipe the door card.

So I think Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is worth buying at this price. This generation of Band is basically the mature form of sports Band. However, for the users of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, there are more dynamic dials, Pai, REM data monitoring, more sports mode, pressure, breathing, UnionPay flash payment, and magnetic suction charging. It seems that no function is in urgent need of upgrading from an economic point of view Of course, if conditions permit, it’s a happy thing to spend more than 200 a year to buy a new device.