Xiaomi Mi Band 5 ushered in 7 major upgrades, or equipped with Huami Technology's new PPG heart rate sensor

On June 9, Xiaomi Mi Band officially released a poster, announcing that there will be 7 major upgrades to Xiaomi Mi Band 5 released on June 11. In addition to the conventional experience upgrades such as screen, charging, NFC, and sports modes, its professional sensors also Ushering in an upgrade, it may bring a more accurate heart rate monitoring experience.


At the same time, the official wearable manufacturer Huami Technology also released the latest countdown poster about the Huami Technology AI Innovation Conference. Combined with the BioTracker & PPG bio-tracking optical sensor mentioned in the poster, it is likely to imply that the Huami Technology AI Innovation Conference held on June 15 will bring about sensor upgrades. Since Huami is a manufacturer of Xiaomi Mi Bands, it has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Xiaomi, so many netizens speculate that the “sensor upgrade” announced by Xiaomi Mi Band 5 today may refer to the new generation of BioTracker ™ PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, which brings higher-precision heart rate monitoring.


PPG is actually a photoelectric volumetric pulse wave tracing method. In layman’s terms, it uses light to measure pulse. This technology is widely used in mainstream smart wearable devices . This measurement technique also has some shortcomings, such as the problem of poor measurement accuracy, which is easily interfered by ambient light or the skin surface, causing errors in heart rate data. At the same time, if there is no corresponding algorithm to interpret, it is difficult for users to perceive the use of the data obtained by heart rate monitoring.


In order to solve this problem, as early as June 2019, Huami Technology launched the Amazfit Midong health watch equipped with self-developed BioTracker & PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, which realized a more complete health data monitoring function. Through 7×24 hours of uninterrupted accurate heart rate monitoring, to meet the health concerns of users of all ages, and provide valuable big data for AI algorithm optimization, promote the iteration of technology.

After a long period of exploration and research in the health field of Huami Technology, the new generation of BioTracker ™ PPG bio-tracking optical sensor may be further improved in monitoring accuracy, and with the support of AI algorithms such as RealBeats ™ biological data engine, it will be effectively improved PPG measurement technology generally has shortcomings such as low monitoring accuracy and lack of algorithm interpretation. With such high-precision and intelligent heart rate monitoring technology blessings, one cannot help expecting the performance of Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

There are only 6 days left before the launch of Huami Technology’s AI Innovation Conference. In addition to the new BioTracker & PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, what other amazing AI technologies will there be? You may wish to pay attention.