Xiaomi CC9 Pro is about to receive Android 10 system update, faster fingerprint unlocking is coming

As Xiaomi ’s first product with 100 million pixels, Xiaomi CC9 Pro has attracted many consumers ’attention and purchase by virtue of its excellent image level since its release. Its user base is also relatively large, but in the system adaptation Xiaomi has not made any plans to adapt Android 10 system. On March 26, Xiaomi announced on its official Weibo that the long-awaited update of the Android 10 system of Xiaomi CC9 Pro will start around mid-April.

It is understood that the update will also include more benefits, such as faster fingerprint unlocking, faster camera experience, and improved overall system response, the use experience brought by the latter update is still relatively large. In addition, the update introduces a new document capture mode. Hopefully new security updates will also be implemented, as CC9 Pro has also been lacking in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that although the system update time released by this Xiaomi indicates that it is valid for China, Xiaomi CC9 Pro also released an international version-Xiaomi Note10. Therefore, it is expected that Xiaomi Note 10 will also follow the domestic system update, and it is likely that the adaptation of Android 10 will be completed in the first half of the year.