Xiaomi decrypts the third-generation screen camera technology display/shooting effect two-way improvement

iMobile home, news on August 28 Today, Xiaomi officially released the “Xiaomi third-generation under-screen camera” technology decryption, allowing everyone to further understand this technology that seems likely to become a future trend. According to Xiaomi’s official statement, Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera has both improved the screen image quality of the off-screen camera during display and the imaging effect during shooting.

Xiaomi stated that the previous generation of under-screen camera technology uses the method of “reserving 1 for every 4 pixels for display” to ensure that the remaining 3 pixels have sufficient light transmission to achieve the screen light transmission effect, but this scheme sacrifices With a large number of effective pixels, Xiaomi’s new-generation technology makes full use of the gap area between the sub-pixels to improve the light transmittance, so that the effective display pixels themselves will not suffer too much, and the display effect will naturally be better.

Xiaomi rushed to perform technical decryption before the release of the new ZTE Axon 20 under-screen camera. Of course, it was to highlight its own technical advantages. Its actual performance can also refer to the hands-on experience of the real device we released a few days ago, but the specific sunset time of the technology has not yet been announced. , So you may still have to wait for a while, and you can use it as a reference to make reasonable expectations after the Axon 20 is announced.