Xiaomi electric scooter Pro 2 released with Benz AMG for about 4000 yuan (USD $571)

According to foreign media gsmarena, millet recently released two new types of electric scooters – 1s and Pro 2.

小米电动滑板车1S和Pro 2发布(图源GSMArena)小米电动滑板车Pro 2发布 与奔驰AMG合作 约售4000元
Xiaomi electric scooter 1s and Pro 2 released (source gsmarena)

1s is an update of the original m365 model. It weighs 12.5 kg and has a range of 30 km. Like the original m365 model, it is equipped with a 250W motor (peak 500W), with a maximum speed of 25km / h. However, the 1s added a digital speed indicator and several status icons, such as driving mode, while the original model had only four simple LED lights to show battery power.

小米与奔驰AMG合作推出电动滑板车Pro 2
Xiaomi cooperates with Benz AMG to launch electric scooter Pro 2

Xiaomi electric scooter Pro 2 is jointly launched by Xiaomi and Benz AMG. Compared with the previous generation, the car has improved heat dissipation, battery management and other aspects, and it also solves some durability problems. It weighs 14.2 kg and has a range of 45 km. The rated output power of the motor is 300W (peak value 600W), and the maximum speed is 25km / h. The Pro 2 has a more powerful motor, which makes it perform better in driving and braking.

In addition, both 1s and Pro 2 double the power of 2W. The starting price of 1s is 400 euro (about 3189 yuan (USD $456) ). Pro 2 is 500 euro (about 3987 yuan (USD $570) ).