Xiaomi executives imagine: make a Mi 6 duplicator, full screen + big battery life, how much is it to buy?

News from March 24th, Xiaomi's new media operation director @ 小米 浩子 published a post yesterday: If the Xiaomi Mi 6 classic engraving machine is released, it will retain the size and shape of Mi 6 and then replace it with a full screen or bangs screen or digging screen. Rear dual cameras, battery life upgrade, mobile phone light, Qualcomm 7 series platform, with NFC, how much will Mi Fan consider buying?

Subsequently, many rice noodles commented that the price of 1999 yuan (USD $286) was really good. Don't dig holes or bangs! Others say that the middle hole is just needed, and a spare machine can be used. However, Xiaomi Haozi commented that this was just his imagination, not necessarily. However, such an uncertain answer also makes everyone look forward to this replica machine.

It is worth mentioning that Mi Fan also drew a rendering of the imaginary Xiaomi Mi 6 engraving machine. From the picture, Xiaomi Mi 6 engraving machine uses a rear dual camera + front left upper corner digging design. The overall body is ultra-thin, attracting many bloggers and netizens to forward, you can imagine that everyone is quite satisfied with this rendering.

However, these are all imagination. As a nail user of the Xiaomi digital series, Xiaomi still has a lot of rice noodles, and Xiaomi has always met the needs of Mi 6 users, including battery replacement, MIUI 11 upgrades and so on. So if Xiaomi company really makes a Mi-6 engraving machine, how much do you think it is worth buying? Comments are welcome.