Xiaomi Group announces that the new CFO candidate is the former Credit Suisse Asia-Pacific executive

On August 26, Xiaomi Group (1810.HK) issued an announcement disclosing the latest candidate for the Group’s CFO. The Chief Financial Officer Selection Committee has selected Lin Shiwei as the CFO and Group Vice President of Xiaomi Group. He will officially perform his duties on October 8, 2020. .

It is reported that the new CFO Lin Shiwei who is about to join has extremely rich capital market experience and deep industry understanding. He previously served as the managing director of Credit Suisse Asia Pacific Investment Banking and Capital Markets and the head of technology, media and telecommunications. He also served as the managing director of Morgan Stanley, responsible for the capital market business of the technology, media and telecommunications industries in the Asia Pacific region. Lin Shiwei has executed Alibaba, Pinduoduo, Kingsoft Cloud, Xiaopeng Auto and other US stock IPO projects, and also executed Alibaba, Xiaomi, NetEase, Meitu and other Hong Kong stock IPO projects.

Previously, on November 29, 2019, Xiaomi Group announced that group executive director, senior vice president, and former CFO Zhou Shouzi would rotate as president of the international department, and continue to serve as executive director and senior vice president, and then group president Wang Xiang will act as agent CFO, waiting for a new suitable candidate to officially take over as CFO.

Market analysis believes that Lin Shiwei’s joining Xiaomi will further enhance the discovery and understanding of the value of Xiaomi in the capital market, help Xiaomi achieve better performance in the financial and capital fields, and help the company achieve higher operational efficiency. At the same time, his joining is also considered to be another confirmation of Xiaomi’s talent strategy of “inclusive of all rivers”. At this point, Lei Jun’s luxury management team planned for Xiaomi’s new decade has been further improved.