Xiaomi launches a new desktop drinking machine, focusing on the integration of filtration and heating

On November 4th, Xiaomi officially launched a desktop drinking machine, featuring desktop free installation and RO water purification and heating combo. Crowdfunding has been launched on Xiaomi Youpin at a price of 1,299 yuan (USD $186) .

It is reported that this millet desktop drinking machine has the following features:

① Desktop installation is free, and it can be used when it is installed with water and electricity; ②RO reverse osmosis filtration, water purification and heating combo; ③2100W high power, 3 seconds hot and ready to drink; ④APP intelligent linkage, water temperature and water volume can be adjusted as desired; ⑤5L large capacity water tank, reducing frequency Water replenishment; ⑥OLED screen, the water status is clear at a glance; ⑦The filter element can be replaced, easily and independently