Xiaomi Mi 10 Dream Screen official announcement: 90Hz + 180Hz + full range DC

On February 12th, Xiaomi officially released the screen parameters of Xiaomi Mi 10. It is said that engineers worked hard on the screen. The Xiaomi Mi 10 dream screen has many advantages, such as the use of custom AMOLED perforated curved screens, which have extremely high contrast, support 90Hz screen refresh rate and 180Hz screen sampling rate, and pass the screen before leaving the factory Calibration piece by piece.

In addition, according to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, the screen of Xiaomi Mi 10 is very good, and the forehead and chin are well controlled. It is probably because of the angle of the video that Mi Fans have misunderstood the chin of Xiaomi 10. Learn more at the live broadcast conference tomorrow.

Looking back at Xiaomi’s official public news: Xiaomi Mi 10 is equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor, or it will become the first Snapdragon 865 mobile phone that users can buy. It comes standard with Wi-Fi 6 and uses LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory. In addition, equipped with a high-quality imaging system, it is a master of vlog shooting, known as a 100-megapixel 8K movie camera.

In addition to a good visual experience, Xiaomi Mi 10 has also worked hard on hearing. It uses symmetrical stereo, which can restore the spatial sense of sound to the greatest extent, so that users have an extraordinary experience when playing games and watching movies. For more details, please look forward to the Xiaomi online launch on February 13.

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