Xiaomi Mi 10 series will be available at the latest in March: the price may exceed 3500 yuan (USD $500)

Judging from the information currently available and speculated, the new Xiaomi Mi 10 series flagship, which will be presented as the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, will be unveiled at the beginning of February. At the same time, as the release time is approaching, there have been more and more since this time. The news has been exposed, and now there is the latest news. Recently, Wang Teng, product director of Xiaomi Company, hinted that the machine may be officially listed in March at the latest.

Recently, the most recent hire of Xiaomi will send a Xiaomi Mi 10 that will be unveiled in a raffle, and said that "March is in March", which means that the machine must be officially listed in March, otherwise it will not It was given out as a prize. And then Wang Teng, product director of Xiaomi, also reposted the Weibo, saying directly that “Must have in March”, so we will undoubtedly see this new machine in March, and its release time will naturally be earlier. some.

In other respects, according to the previously exposed news, the new Xiaomi Mi 10 series will adopt the popular open-hole hyperbolic full-screen design. The screen material is Samsung AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a resolution of FHD +. In the upper left corner of the screen, the aperture is slightly larger than the 2.98mm of the previously launched vivo X30, but it still belongs to the rank of small openings. It will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, supplemented by LPDDR5 memory and standard UFS 3.0 flash memory, a 100-megapixel four-camera camera module, supporting super fast charging, 30W wireless super flash charging, etc.

It is reported that the new Xiaomi Mi 10 flagship will be officially unveiled at the beginning of February. Compared with Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Mi 10 has greatly improved in screen, performance, image, fast charging and other aspects, and the price will naturally reach new heights. Wang Teng, Xiaomi's product director, previously hinted that the starting price of the machine should be more than 3,500 yuan (USD $500) . As for more details, we will wait and see.