Xiaomi MIUI new negative one screen appearance: the biggest revision in history

Recently, Xiaomi MIUI has brought a new negative screen, which not only has a comprehensive design update, but also brings new functions such as curriculum, Emotional Interactive copywriting, etc.

The new negative one screen adopts synaesthesia visual design, and achieves natural and elegant immersion experience through card layout, Gauss blur, rounded corners, white space and other design languages.

Peak design is added to the screen usage time module. Each peak represents an application category, so that users can understand the usage time more intuitively.

New negative one screen depth access weather warning, can be directly displayed on the top, so that users can easily know the weather change information.

At the same time, the new negative screen will guess the use scene through intelligent algorithm, and cheer you on through emotional interactive copywriting.

In addition, the new negative screen can also display the curriculum, examination countdown, commuter cards, sports management, smart home, stock market, express and other small parts.

According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, this update, after 137 days of research and development and more than 50 versions of iterations, is the largest revision and upgrading of MIUI negative one screen in history, and almost completely restructures the negative one screen architecture. Users above MIUI 10 / Android 7 can upgrade directly through the app store.