Xiaomi Mobile launches Redmi K30 5G mobile phone custom card with minimum 49 yuan package and 20GB traffic

On January 15, 2020, Lu Weibing, Vice President of Xiaomi Group and President of China, gave Mi Fan a huge benefit through his personal Weibo, "#Redmi K30 5GPioneer # Xiaomi Mobile Customized 5G Phone Card is here!" This is Xiaomi's 5G + AIoT dual-engine strategy, another blockbuster dropped in the 5G market.

From now on, users who purchase Redmi K30 5G mobile phones in Xiaomi Mall will receive a Xiaomi Mobile Customized Phone Card, which does not include phone charges. This card is a 5G customized card specially launched by Xiaomi Mobile for Mi Fan, and supports China Unicom 5G, 4G, 3G networks. Of course, consumers who want to try 5G first need to ensure that their location has 5G signal coverage.

The 5G exclusive custom card launched by Xiaomi Mobile includes three packages of 49 yuan, 69 yuan and 99 yuan. Among them, the 49 yuan economic package includes 20GB of traffic and 50 minutes of voice; the 69 yuan value package includes 30GB of traffic and 100 minutes of voice; the 99 yuan package includes 40GB of traffic and 200 minutes of package. 1 yuan / 800MB / day out of package, free caller ID. In addition, the reporter learned that this time Mi Mobile ’s 5G custom card will not have a speed limit. If consumers exceed the package traffic during use, they can use the out-of-package traffic to infinitely superimpose, which is more user-friendly.