Xiaomi mobile phone negative one screen new upgrade miui12 leads synaesthesia visual design

On July 31, the official microblog of Xiaomi MIUI released a message: “the new Xiaomi negative screen has been officially released, bringing you many surprises! New design, curriculum, personal management It’s not just about talking about it. Xiaomi negative screen ushered in an all-round upgrade.


Xiaomi’s new negative screen design is completely new, and the vivid animation effect runs through the whole system design main line. Through synaesthesia visual design, brand-new aesthetic experience, card layout, Gaussian fuzzy, blank space, rounded corner and other design languages, it presents a natural and elegant immersive experience, and brings users the real feeling of being in it; it optimizes the top copy of emotional interaction Users can obtain important information efficiently. In addition, users can easily view daily weather changes by right sliding into the negative screen.

New a6022

new negative screen

In addition to the design and top copywriting, Xiaomi has launched and upgraded five key functions. Including health management, screen time management and intelligent device management as one of the personal management module, curriculum function, “Memorial Day” function, commuting function, stock function. In addition, the newly upgraded leisure and entertainment cards such as sports events, morning and evening headlines / midday fun are also upgraded to help you make efficient use of fragmented time.