Xiaomi mobile phone Q2 market share in Europe reached 17%, up 65% compared with the same period last year

On August 5, Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi group in China, posted a “report card” on his micro blog: Xiaomi mobile phones (including redmi) had a 17% European market share in the second quarter, up 65% compared with last year. The data, from canalys, a market research firm, measures the share of major smartphone suppliers in the European market.

millet mobile phones (including redmi) with 17% market share in Europe in the second quarter

In Q2 European mobile phone market share ranking, Xiaomi mobile phone rose to the third place, after Samsung and apple. From the growth point of view, Xiaomi mobile phone is ahead of other brands with 65% growth data, with the fastest growth.

Xiaomi’s overseas expansion has not stopped. In addition to rising in the European market, Xiaomi also has a good performance in India and other markets. India is Xiaomi’s largest overseas market. In the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi’s mobile phone market share in India accounted for 30.9%, and the shipment volume reached 5.3 million units, ranking first. Xiaomi ranked fourth in the global mobile phone market in the second quarter, with a share of 10.1%. All the above data are from canalys.