Xiaomi no longer supports self-installation of GMS Zhang Guoquan: non-Google apps will not affect

Previously, due to compliance reasons, Xiaomi MIUI no longer supports self-installation of GMS services. Although the lack of this service does not have much impact on the experience of domestic mobile phone users, online discussions about GMS have always existed. On February 4th, Zhang Guoquan, director of the system software department of Xiaomi’s mobile phone system, posted on Weibo and said that after reading it around, the various understandings about GMS were really “absolutely absurd”, so I focused on replying to a few questions that everyone cares about.

Xiaomi confirms that it no longer supports Google GMS service

Zhang Guoquan introduced that GMS is a resident back-end service developed by Google. Most of Google’s own applications rely on GMS for startup and installation, and non-Google applications are not affected at all. Because the pre-installed GMS will be placed in the super partition (read-only), if the user installs it by itself, it will be placed in the user partition (read-write), so there is a chance of being hacked, so Google will think that installing GMS by itself is unsafe, even if you Installation, Google will also prohibit the use from the server in the future.

Zhang Guoquan Popular Science GMS

The pre-installed GMS needs to occupy 700M+ of storage space, and the resident background needs to occupy 200M of memory. If the GMS communication is abnormal, it may cause abnormal heat and power consumption due to the permanent memory. Therefore, whether the domestic version is pre-installed is a trade-off considering the storage space/memory/power consumption/performance of the model. . For models that do not have GMS pre-installed, as the version is optimized, upgrade to pre-installation can be considered if the overall experience is not affected.

Xiaomi official application

Subsequently, Xiaomi officially issued a clarification statement on the related report of “Xiaomi mobile phones no longer support GMS”.