Xiaomi showcases the third-generation under-screen camera technology, or pave the way for Xiaomi MIX 4

In June last year, Xiaomi showed you a video of an under-screen camera phone, but then it stopped. No one knows when Xiaomi’s under-screen camera technology will mature and when new products will be launched.

On the eve of the release of the first under-screen camera phone, Xiaomi continued to show off its under-screen camera technology this morning, and claimed to be the third-generation under-screen camera. What progress has been made before comparison? Let’s take a look at the demo video together.

First of all, we can see that the display effect of the screen part of the mobile phone equipped with the under-screen camera is no different from that of the true full screen. The display effect of the screen area above the camera is almost the same as that of other parts, and it is not obtrusive at all.

In addition, the selfie effect of the third-generation under-screen camera is not much different from that of the current off-screen camera. At least the exposure, white balance, and resolution look quite normal.

It can be said that Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology has a very high degree of completion, but when will it be commercially available, the official answer is next year. Mi Fans definitely hope that Mi MIX 4 will become the first Mi mobile phone equipped with this technology. I wonder if Mi can realize this wish?