Xiaomi TV master 65 inch online Xiaoai classmate 3.0

On July 14, it was announced that Xiaomi TV master 65 inch will carry the new Xiaoai schoolmate 3.0, add voice print function to track drama, and support intelligent voice on-demand QQ music.

Recently, Xiaomi TV master 65 inch has been equipped with a brand-new Xiaoai schoolmate 3.0, which can make use of voice on demand to catch up with the drama, input and remember the user’s voice, and continue to broadcast the latest episodes or movies; it also supports “continuous dialogue”, which can wake up once and interrupt at any time; Xiaoai classmate also has three different timbres to tell Xiaoai “Switch voice” can be switched arbitrarily.

In addition, on Xiaomi TV master, the UI system of Xiaoai classmate 3.0 was upgraded again to support functions such as function guidance bubbles. In addition to the system processor, Xiaomi is finally equipped with mt9650 processor of MediaTek, equipped with mail-g52 core and using 12NM technology.

The Xiaomi TV master series adopts a four sided full screen design with glass base and breathing lamp design. It adopts OLED panel, supports 120Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, and takes up 98.8% of the screen. It supports high-speed motion compensation, Dolby visual effect and other functions. It also has built-in 9 speakers with a total power of 65W. The price of this kind of TV is only 12999 yuan (USD $1857) . Have you been attracted to such a high cost performance TV?