Xiaomi UWB technology officially released [One Finger Connect] Centimeter-level ultra-precise positioning

From the first day when we entered the smart home industry, we have never stopped thinking: What will the Internet of Everything look like in the future? In the future, smart devices should have the ability to perceive, know what you think, and move with your heart. On the morning of October 12th, @曾学忠-Xiaomi posted on Weibo saying: “Yizhilian” Xiaomi UWB technology is officially released! UWB technology can give mobile phones and smart devices spatial perception capabilities, just like “indoor GPS.” Point the mobile phone to the smart device, and the control card will automatically pop up and be directly controlled. This innovative way of pointing interaction is unprecedented. The full name of UWB technology is Ultra Wide Band, which is ultra-wideband communication, which has a 500MHz bandwidth to transmit data. Based on this technology, we installed UWB chips and array antennas on Mi 10 and a series of smart devices, combined with self-developed antenna arrays and algorithms, to achieve centimeter-level positioning and ±3° angle measurement accuracy.

“One Finger Link” empowers mobile phones and smart devices with spatial perception capabilities, and the mobile phone can be pointed at the device to control it.

Magic modified the Mi 10 series of mobile phones and a series of smart home devices, adding the “One Finger Connect” UWB technology, built-in UWB chip and array antenna, and with the help of Xiaomi’s self-developed antenna arrangement and algorithm, so that the space between mobile phones and smart devices can be perceived …To watch the video together.

Centimeter-level precise positioning in the living room

“One Finger Connect” Xiaomi UWB technology is a new generation of connection technology with ultra-precise positioning. UWB stands for Ultra Wide Band, which is ultra-wideband communication. Mobile phones supporting Xiaomi UWB technology can realize centimeter-level positioning of smart devices, which can perceive the spatial position like a human eye, and point to any smart device can be directly controlled, and the angle measurement accuracy can reach ±3°, just like the high-precision version of “Indoor GPS” .

The realization of “one-finger connection” requires the built-in UWB chip and array antenna of mobile phones and smart devices. With the help of Xiaomi’s self-developed antenna arrangement and algorithms, precise spatial positioning can be achieved. Xiaomi UWB technology is different from the existing narrow-bandwidth communication system. It has an ultra-large bandwidth of 500MHz to transmit information and improves the positioning accuracy to the centimeter level. This technology has also been used in the field of radar.

In addition, “Yizhilian” Xiaomi UWB technology also has excellent security performance. Thanks to the ultra-wideband and narrow pulse characteristics of UWB, it is extremely difficult to intercept in space. At the same time, it is supported by Xiaomi’s distance algorithm. Double insurance. These characteristics also give “Yizhilian” a broad imagination in practical applications. In the future, “Yizhilian” Xiaomi UWB technology will complement Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to meet users’ wireless connection requirements in different scenarios.

Revolutionary point of interaction

Magic changed the Mi 10 series of mobile phones and a series of smart home devices, and added “One Finger Connect” Xiaomi UWB technology, which is the first to realize a revolutionary way of pointing interaction. Point the mobile phone at the smart device to control with one finger and send with one finger.

Point the phone to the fan, and control the card to automatically emerge

One-finger control: Pick up the phone, point it at the smart device, and the control interface will pop up automatically. Turn on the TV, desk lamp to color, select songs and view lyrics, all with one finger.

The mobile phone turns to the TV, and the control card automatically switches

One-finger delivery: In any interface of the mobile phone, point at the smart device to perform gesture operations, and the current screen can be automatically sent to the smart device such as Xiaomi TV, touch screen speakers, and Xiaomi notebook.

In fact, this is only the tip of the iceberg of “one-finger connection” Xiaomi UWB technology. Soon, even the “pointing” can be omitted to achieve a senseless linkage. Close to the car door, the mobile phone in your pocket will automatically unlock the door for you; through the gate, the mobile phone will automatically swipe your card to pass smoothly. All of this will be realized one after another with the landing of Xiaomi UWB technology.