Xiaomi watch pushes OTA gray scale upgrade today: solve key problems such as charging and pairing

On December 2, according to Qu Heng, general manager of Xiaomi ecological chain, a small number of Xiaomi watch users will receive the gray level upgrade today. From tomorrow to the 5th, Xiaomi watch will receive the push OTA upgrade one after another.

Qu Heng said that the OTA of Xiaomi watch mainly solved the key problems of watch charging and optimizing the first matching.

Not long ago, Qu Heng said that he would upgrade the OTA System for the first time on December 3, increase the IOS system adaptation, optimize the experience of first matching watch, application market download speed, etc. The specific update contents are as follows:

IOS app goes online

Launch Xiaomi wearable app of IOS version to improve the user experience of IOS.

Optimize pairing experience

After optimizing the first matching watch, the first few minutes watch stuck.

Application market, watch market browsing, download experience Optimization

When downloading apps from the dial / store, WiFi is preferred to make the download experience smoother.

Notification prompt repair

Solve the problem that app notifications are still received on the watch after some app notifications are closed in Xiaomi wearable app.

Interactive optimization of Sogou input method

Sogou input method added a tutorial to guide users how to switch input methods.

Weather location optimization

Fix the problem of not refreshing weather location information.