Xiaomi will change in the 5G era? Redmi K30 4G will be delisted soon

Recently, the well-known blogger @ 数码 闲聊 站 weibo broke the news, Xiaomi will begin to fully deploy the 5G era. The previous Redmi K30 4G version is likely to be delisted, and all this is to prepare for the Xiaomi product line to switch to the 5G product line.

The Redmi K30 4G is equipped with a Snapdragon 730G processor and has been launched in China and India. Although the 5G version of this model is not yet available in India, it is already available in many cities in China. However, Redmi decided to launch both 4G and 5G versions of mobile phones in its home country. This is mainly because 5G has not yet been popularized in some regions in China, and consumer demand for 5G mobile phones is not just needed.

According to the digital chat station, Redmi is planning to launch a low-profile version of the Redmi K30 5G, which will be cheaper than the current model. The price range will probably be between ¥ 1500 (~ $ 211) and ¥ 2000 (~ $ 281). The basic model of Redmi K30 5G is ¥ 1999, so the price of "Redmi K30 5G Lite" should be lower.

Earlier reports said that Redmi will launch MediaTek's low-end 5G processor-Teana 800. Although many media predict that it may be the Redmi Note 9 Pro version in China, it may actually be the new Redmi K30 5G phone.

The Redmi Note 9 series has not yet been launched in China. A few weeks ago, it was reported that this series of products may be launched in China because they are 4G mobile phones and therefore do not meet the requirements of Lu Weibing's layout of "China 5G".

According to the information from the big coffee, next Xiaomi and Redmi's current product lineup (will) follow the following price range:

Redmi K30 5G-2000 yuan (USD $286) (~ $ 281) to 3000 yuan (USD $429) (~ $ 422)

Redmi K30 Pro- ¥ 3000 (~ $ 42) to ¥ 4000 (~ $ 562)

Xiaomi Mi 10 Series-¥ 4000 (~ $ 562) to ¥ 6000 (~ $ 844)

New Mi MIX Series – ¥ 5000 (~ $ 703) to ¥ 7000 (~ $ 984)

There is currently no information on when the new Redmi K30 5G will be launched, but more information is expected to come next.