Xiaomi will release three folding screen phones, including external fold, internal fold and flip

In the past two years, foldable has become a popular concept in the field of smart phones, and many brands have also come up with related products. For example, the Slide Phone released by OPPO some time ago added three hinges to meet various usage needs with different folding methods.

Today, DSCC founder and CEO @Ross Young broke the news that Xiaomi is expected to release three folding screen phones in 2021. They are external fold, internal fold and flip, which correspond to the three mainstream forms.

Later, another person released several patented appearance drawings. You can see that the folded version is similar to Huawei Mate X, so it will be larger in size and more like a tablet.

The inner fold version is close to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the two outer sides provide a slender screen and camera module.

According to LETSGODIGITAL’s revelations, this product will use a pop-up camera for selfies with the screen fully expanded.

Finally, there is the flip-top solution, in which the more interesting thing is that the camera module can be rotated independently, so that it can switch between the front and the rear.

According to previous reports by @数码闲聊站, the Xiaomi folding screen phone will be released before the new Xiaomi tablet. The screen size is large, the performance is good, and it supports high refresh rate and high pixel main camera. However, considering that the new millet tablet may have to wait for a long time, these folding screen products may also be able to wait.