Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth headset 2 Pro exposure: active noise reduction wireless charging

On August 26, the digital [email protected] Chat revealed on Weibo that the Mi Wireless Bluetooth Headset 2 Pro has passed certification and revealed that the new product supports active noise reduction and wireless charging.

From the exposure map, the shape of the Mi Wireless Bluetooth Headset 2 Pro is somewhat similar to the previously released Mi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2s. The headset box is more square, and the headset is inserted into the box vertically.

小米无线蓝牙耳机2 Pro曝光:主动降噪 无线充电

In different respects, the new headphone box looks flatter. Of course, the biggest difference is the change from a semi-in-ear design to an in-ear design with rubber earplugs. This is also the current active noise reduction scheme.

Although Xiaomi has launched a number of wireless headsets, only the Xiaomi noise-reduction collar Bluetooth headset supports noise reduction, so this is the first Xiaomi true wireless headset that supports noise reduction.

小米无线蓝牙耳机2 Pro曝光:主动降噪 无线充电

Judging from the naming of “Pro”, is it a bit like AirPods and AirPods Pro? It corresponds to the two types of non-active noise reduction and active noise reduction.

Of course, the Xiaomi true wireless Bluetooth headset Air 2s is priced at only 399 yuan (USD $57) , while the cheaper Xiaomi true wireless Bluetooth headset Air2 SE is only 169 yuan (USD $24) . Therefore, you can expect the price of Mi Wireless Bluetooth Headset 2 Pro. Will you consider it at RMB 5 or 600?

Author: Xpress