Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art releases a metal body design with a price of 349 yuan (USD $50)

On May 21, Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker released a new product: Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art. Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art adopts a large area of metal material body, exquisite appearance can be called artwork on the desktop, built-in 2.5-inch full-range speakers supplemented with DTS sound effects to make the sound performance more delicate and can also form a stereo speaker, with built-in The Bluetooth Mesh function makes IoT smart home control more handy. The first Xiaomi speaker Art designed with a large area of metal materials is a supplementary product to the Xiaoai speaker scene after the Xiaoai speaker Pro and the Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker, allowing consumers to shop in various price segments and scenarios Can choose the most suitable small love speaker products. The official retail price of Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art is 349 yuan (USD $50) . You can make an appointment at Xiaomi Mall from May 21st, and the reservation price is only 299 yuan (USD $43) .

Simple and elegant design perfectly integrated into the home environment

In the name of Art, Xiao Ai Speaker Art adopts an elegantly designed new metal body. The opening of the body speaker is designed as a metal trim with a thickness of 0.7mm, supplemented by a warm matte fine stone texture base. Called artwork on the desktop. The 10531 sound holes around the fuselage are evenly distributed with special geometric shapes, expressing order in the complex, the perfect combination of calm metal and surging sound, allowing sound waves to pass through; the top of the fuselage uses sensitive and simple touch buttons, Accompanying the aurora light belt, the 24 LED lamp beads are evenly arranged, and 16 million kinds of gradient aurora light effects can be generated through APP customization, and can be rhythmical with music. In the quiet night, Xiao Ai Speaker Art can bring the visual emotion rendering of the user beyond hearing.

Full-range speaker DTS sound performance as a Bluetooth speaker can also be combined with stereo playback

In terms of listening experience, Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art has a 2.5-inch full-range speaker, which uses a specific proportion of wool material paper carcass diaphragm, so that the details of the sound can be naturally presented, the bottom of the speaker voice coil and U-shaped The air duct is designed to give power to the bass of the speaker; plus DTS professional tuning, Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art can switch between three sound modes: vocal, mild, and bass, suitable for the playback of different music; at the same time, it also supports the combination of two speakers in stereo Play to get a better listening effect (requires two products of the same model). Users can not only order QQ music 10 million genuine music library and 100 million audio content in one sentence, but also connect Bluetooth to mobile phones and computers to play audio.

Smarter third-generation Xiaoai classmates and Bluetooth Mesh help you easily connect to smart home

As the brain of the AI smart speaker, Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art has built-in the third generation of Xiaoai classmates, which supports continuous dialogue and nearby wake-up, and also adds the emotional sound of Xiaomi self-research. In some specific dialogues, Xiaoai classmates reply It will bring specific emotional expressions such as shyness and cuteness. Xiaoai ’s 1600+ skills and comprehensive encyclopedia knowledge base can be a good helper in your life, 100 million high-quality audio resources, or a story machine for children and a radio for the elderly at home.

In addition, when the Xiaomi mobile phone (requires MIUI12 stable version) is close to the newly added Xiaoai speaker, the mobile phone can pop up a dialog box to prompt Xiaoyi speakers to configure the network. Using Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art can remotely control 2000+ smart home appliances in one sentence. In addition to the Xiaomi IoT platform, it also supports 89 IoT platforms such as Philips and Op. Xiao Ai Speaker Art has a built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway, which can help common Bluetooth devices such as door locks and light bulbs to network, and can use voice to automatically configure Bluetooth Mesh devices.

22 million users choose the world’s largest consumer-grade IoT intelligent interconnection platform to empower

According to the official news of Xiao Ai Speaker, as of May 15, 2020, the cumulative sales of Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker Series has exceeded 22 million units. As one of the carriers of the virtual artificial intelligence assistant Xiao Ai classmates, Xiao Ai speaker is undoubtedly one of the best artificial intelligence speakers on the market with user experience and perception, and one of the most natural and convenient forms for users to contact AI artificial intelligence. The difference between smart speakers, in addition to the difference in speaker product form, is behind the difference in platform and service. The Xiaomi Group ’s Q1 financial report for 2020 shows that Xiaoai ’s classmates have 75 million active users, and Xiaomi ’s IoT platform has 252 million connected devices (excluding mobile phones and notebooks). It is currently the world ’s largest consumer-level IoT smart connected platform with 4.6 million Users have 5 or more devices connected to the Xiaomi IoT platform. It is the mutual empowerment of the Xiaomi AIoT super Internet form layout that fully releases the application scenarios of various product forms of Xiao Ai speakers in all aspects of life, while also allowing AI brain Xiao Ai classmates in Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi TVs, Xiaomi watches and even Various product forms and scenarios such as Xiaomi washing machine are everywhere, leading the smart life industry and becoming the first choice for users to experience smart home and smart speaker products.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art will open an appointment at 10 a.m. on May 21st; pre-sales will start in Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, JD.com, Tmall and Suning from 0 a.m. on May 25, from 0 a.m. on June 1st For the final payment, the pre-sale deposit of 50 yuan to 100 yuan (USD $14) and the hand price is only 299 yuan (USD $43) . The official retail price of Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Art is 349 yuan (USD $50) .