Xiaomi Xiaolong 865 new machine running out of furnace, equipped with 108mp lens and 120Hz screen

Xiaomi brand has a strong momentum recently. In addition to Lei Jun’s occasional suggestion that it is about to release the Xiaomi 10 super large cup phone, the official has also launched a new color matching version of Xiaomi 10. Xiaobo, a new mobile microblog station, appeared on the Xiaobo website of xiaobo.com on May. At present, I don’t know which mobile phone it is.

millet new machine running out

According to the information released on geekbench website, Xiaomi’s mobile phone is Xiaomi M2007 j3sg, code named Apollo. The phone scored 912 on a single core and 3304 on a multi core at geekbench. According to the data given in the table, it can be seen that the aircraft is equipped with the high pass snapdragon 865 mobile platform.

In addition, according to information, the phone is equipped with a 108mp main camera and a display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The combination of Qualcomm mobile platform, ultra-high pixel camera and high screen swipe must be a mobile phone with good performance. In addition, I don’t know whether this mobile phone will be the Xiaomi 10 super large cup mobile phone with high attention recently. There should be an answer soon.